March 2017, China’s manufacturing industry PMI and its production index, new order index.

What is the overall effectiveness of the Zheshang Securities Research Institute? The relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank of China said that the purpose of this reduction is to strengthen cross-cycle adjustment, optimize financial institutions, and improve financial services, and better support the entity economy.

Li Chao believes that steady growth has become the primary goal of China’s monetary policy, the future focus on the direction of "wide credit", "four arrows" wide credit, namely manufacturing loans, reduced carbon loans in the first quarter of 2022 Infrastructure loans, mortgage loans.

"’New Energy +’ Field Investment has gradually become the core driving force of China’s economy, under the boosting of carbon emission reduction, manufacturing investment and carbon reduction fields will continue to be released.

"Li Chao said that it is expected that the new growth scale of social financing in the first quarter of 2022 will reach trillion yuan, reaching the summit peak of historical social financing quarter, over 2020, the same level. In addition, Li Chao believes that the comprehensive financing cost of enterprises will be stable It has been lowered. He explained that the central bank will help reduce the capital cost of bank liabilities over time, completely renewal of MLF, which has not been reduced by reducing the capital replacement part. Decimation, to reduce comprehensive financing costs for entity sectors. The researchers of Zhejiang Provincial Public Policy Research Institute believe that the key to the role of comprehensively reduction is whether the overall economic environment is improved, whether the operation status of corporate operation is improved, otherwise even if it is used Cost decline, enterprises have no motivation to expand the scale of operation, promote technological innovation, increase investment. Based on the actual situation of Zhejiang, Jing Nail believes that Zhejiang’s economy is dominated by private enterprises, is one of the most active provinces of China, but fund prices are From the country, it has been in a high level, and the reduction will help reduce the operating cost of Zhejiang enterprises, increasing the income of enterprises, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

At the same time, it is necessary to prevent business disorderly expansion, using low-cost funds to misappropriation, resulting in greater risks. What supporting measures will it be launched? "China’s steady monetary policy orientation has not changed.

"The relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank of China emphasized that the central bank adheres to the normal monetary policy, maintains policy continuity, stability, sustainability, and does not engage in high water roaming, and creates a suitable monetary financial environment for high quality development and supply side structural reform. How to achieve the goal of "supporting the entity economy" in this comprehensive reduction, which supporting measures will be launched in the future? Li Chao analysis believes that in 2022 may strengthen manufacturing investment in strong chain, through the construction of affordable housing and the first room relaxation Two aspects of maintaining real estate investment have focused on promoting entity economic development. Li Chao explained that during the "double cycle" advancement process, the internal circulation policy will focus on investment in high-end manufacturing fields, which is expected to be manufactured in 2022. The growth rate of industry investment may reach 11%.

Jing Naim believes that the reduction is a more mild monetary policy. While adding market funds, the supporting macroeconomic policy should "cool down", prevent economic overheating, leading to inflation, which will also develop the entity economic development There is an adverse effect. "When the company is fighting in the tangible market ‘true knife, the policy is more optimized from market services, land policies, tax policies, subsidies, etc., to create a good external environment, so that companies dare to invest , Enhance the driving force of transformation and upgrading, and increase research investment.

"Jing Nate said. (Hu Yixin) (Editor: Mouquet Yu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.