Spring anti-A hepatitis needs to control the mouth

Spring is an active period of bacteria and viruses, and it is also a season of hepatitis.

Gu Qing, director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reminded that the incidence of hepatitis A in spring is high. Unhealthy eating and eating seafood may cause hepatitis A.

  According to Gu Qing, hepatitis A is an acute infectious disease caused by hepatitis A virus. The infected people are mainly adolescents and children.

The onset of hepatitis A is acute. Patients have symptoms of loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and weakness. Some patients have symptoms of jaundice and fever, hepatomegaly and liver damage.

Some symptoms are similar to colds or stomach problems and are easily misdiagnosed as respiratory or digestive diseases.

Although hepatitis A does not translate into slow-moving hepatitis, the course of the disease is usually about one month, and it takes a rest of one to two months to fully recover.

Some people have strong immunity, and there is no symptom of hepatitis A virus infection. However, people of the species are also the source of infection. They need to attract attention and find early treatment.

  Gu Qing reminded that hepatitis A can be prevented, and transplantation of hepatitis A vaccine is an effective preventive measure.

People who ingest food contaminated with hepatitis A virus, water or tableware contaminated with hepatitis A virus may be infected with hepatitis A.

Eating vegetables, fish or seafood, and drinking raw water may cause the virus to invade the human body.

To do personal hygiene, wash hands before and after meals, tableware, tea sets, bathroom supplies should be disinfected frequently.

Before eating seafood such as wolfberry, hazelnut, buttercup, oyster, etc., it should be repeatedly soaked in clean water, thoroughly washed, boiled for 15 to 30 minutes before eating.

When eating hot pot, meat, animal offal, seafood, vegetables and other foods must be cooked and then eaten.

Don’t eat in a stall with no health care.