Acting as Qu Xiaoxiao after marriage?Wang Ziwen doesn’t think so
Wang Ziwen and Zhang Luyi starred in the TV series “The second time is also beautiful” is being broadcast on the Oriental TV, the play will “second-year girl An’an”, “should not be a full-time wife” and other topics have been successively brought to Weibo search.As the main character in the play, after graduation, he married and gave birth to a baby. After the divorce, An An, a 90-year-old “married girl” who had never set foot in the society, met a single father, lawyer Xu Lang, who was completely different from his own personality.The meeting also brought their own “second growth”.A few days ago, starring Wang Ziwen and Zhang Luyi were interviewed. Although it was the first time for the two to cooperate, the two were very good. They often communicated on the phone the night before and the filming could be completed the next day.  We did not know each other before the first cooperation Zhang Luyi, and I was very happy to work together this time.The play itself is easy, and the role of An An is also eccentric, and it is very relaxed and pleasant while shooting on the spot.This drama is a big heroine’s drama. I know that my duty is to make the green leaves so that An An can dance and let An An, a woman’s flower, bloom.  Wang Ziwen This is our first cooperation. He (Zhang Luyi) is very humorous and joking, and he is naughty in his life, which is very different from the image that appeared on his screen before.During our acting, we often add some fun things into it. When we act, he will have some ideas. The drunk scene was created temporarily, and he pressed me with a pillow.Temporary creation.Any ideas between us will communicate on the phone the night before.  On the set, the child Zhang Luyi once was the birthday of my daughter’s little actor in the play. The adults around me knew that she had a birthday that day, and also prepared various surprises for her.The kid told me that she had a secret and wanted to tell me, so I teased her. I said, but I did n’t want to hear it. She said I should tell you. I said I still did n’t want to hear it. She was very anxious.After shooting the scene, everyone took out the gifts they prepared, and I gave her a pair of anti-blue light glasses, because now they use a lot of computers and mobile phones, and they also use them in school, so I told her to pay attention to eye healthShe is very happy to protect her eyesight.  The most important thing for Wang Ziwen to play with children is to make friends with them. Children generally see adult actors who are shy and nervous. When I first entered the group, I had been playing with them privately, playing with toys, and playing together. Only then would they accept and relax.  ”Full-time wife” This is a very big sacrifice. In “The Second Time Is Beautiful”, Wang Anwen played An An University and married to love.He soon gave birth to a son. In the marriage life of the next six years, her husband Yu Feifan started a business, and the two often did not meet.In order to attract the attention of her husband, An An often calls his cell phone serially, regardless of whether it is convenient for the other party to answer the phone.At home, neither cleaning nor deliberately create chaos.Sitting in front of the TV and eating snacks to pass the boring time, the son was sleepy and let him lie on the sofa to sleep.If you do n’t cook, if you ‘re hungry, just call takeout.Gradually, Yu Feifan was tired, unable to bear An’an’s life state, and worried about affecting his son’s growth, so he proposed divorce mercilessly.  In recent years, several popular dramas have put their perspective on “women’s economic and spiritual independence”, like “My First Half of Life” and “We All Want to Be Good.”Some of the heroine encounters in these plays are also thought: should a woman give up her career for love and marriage and become a full-time wife.”Many people think that a full-time wife is a blessing. I think it is a very big sacrifice and a very tiring job. Sometimes you may even feel particularly bored and bored.Wang Ziwen said frankly that, in terms of his character, he is not suitable for being a full-time wife.In the play, An An felt painful and chose to start again.In Wang Ziwen’s view, women often need to compromise for their children and family in their lives. “But if you really have a dream, you should realize it. Even if you are married or already a mother, it is not too late.”An An” and “Qu Xiaoxiao” in “Girl Mode” are relatively second-generation cartoonists.Although she is a single mother with early marriage and early childbirth, she is young and psychologically young. “Coquettishness” is a must-have skill for her. She often has to “hug” and “back”.Despite being a “mother”, she still feels full of girls.In Wang Ziwen’s view, whether it is Qu Xiaowan in “Ode to Joy”, Wu Ai’ai in “Animal Administration”, or Xu Xu in “If the Snail Has Love”, An An is not like them.In a recent role, she is a child who has not grown up, which is also one of my favorite parts of An An.”Weird and smart personality, girl-like dress, and many netizens believe that An An, who has just appeared, is very similar to Qu Xiaowan after marriage.There is little resemblance except very clever, “Qu Xiaoshuang is more cunning, she is scheming, but An An is stupid, she faces every individual in this world in a child way, she isRegardless of the consequences, without thinking.Qu Xiaoshuang is strong on the surface but fragile on the inside. An An is weak on the surface. In fact, the inner is strong. The two are very different roles.”In the awkward drama when Zhang Luyi was shooting women, Xu Lang played by Zhang Luyi was a single father who was very fond of her daughter.”The daughter’s twin ponytails and maruko heads were pierced by him. The princess dress and cheongsam were also bought by him.In order to play with An An and his daughter, Gao Leng’s “Xu Da Lawyer” actually played role-playing, turning himself into a “women’s lord”.  Although Xu Lang set “high cold”, he was full of joy.Zhang Luyi said that he saw from his lawyer friends that besides working, they also looked very relaxed and humorous in private. Unless they need to wear formal clothes, they usually wear casually, how comfortable and how to wear.”I specifically found a lawyer friend and borrowed his school bag for almost two decades to use in the play.”As for the” dressing up women “scene in the play, Zhang Luyi admitted that he felt particularly embarrassed when shooting,” Because this scene also tried a lot of styles for me, and finally the director wanted to give me this style.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Wei