First396chapter Honda
The smooth rolling off of the new century car,Is a great encouragement to the magic city。
Compared with the new century car@seaSH760、Benz114/123(Elevel)、Volga、Gas21、After all the mainstream high-end automotive products from the East and the West that can be seen in China such as the Toyota Crown,It’s easy to draw a conclusion from the magic capital:This new century car provided by Chen Geng to Modu Automobile Factory,Whether it is from comfort、Vehicle quality or gas field,This is a real premium car。
With such a product,Modu Automobile Factory will not have to worry about workers’ jobs in the next 20 years。
When the magic city rejoiced for the new century car,There is also a wave of people who are paying close attention to the news that the new century car is off the assembly line.,Yes,It’s Honda。
In order to determine this“new century”How about the car,Honda sent a five-member small delegation headed by Vice President Kume Shizhi to inspect this car,For confidentiality、Not to be known by its biggest competitor Toyota,Kume Shishi and others even went to the United States for inspection work,First direct flight from Dongying to the United States,After visiting several dealers in the U.S.,Only then quietly came to Hong Kong Island。
Understand the hardships of Kume Shi and others on this trip,Chen Geng laughed:“Mr. Kume,You are playing guerrilla with Toyota。”
“Have no idea,”Kume Shizhi said to Chen Geng with a smile:“This model is too important for Honda。”
“I can understand。”Chen Geng nodded。
Dongying,What are the two top-end Dongying brand cars?One called Toyota Century,One called Toyota Crown。
Yes,Are all brands under Toyota。
In Dongying,The status of Toyota Century is a bit similar to the red flag,The crown is a bit similar@seaSH760。