The first phase of Chongqing Rail Transit No. 9 is not passenger. Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee is awarded by Chongqing on December 10 (Hu Hong) on ??the 10th, Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee issued news, Chongqing Rail Transit No. 9 Phase I Project is not passenger End, it takes a step away from the train trial operation.

  According to reports, the first phase of Rail Transit No. 9 is about 32 kilometers. After passing through, the mileage of Chongqing Rail Transit will exceed 400 kilometers, and provide an important guarantee for the accelerating "urban area on the track", building a "one-day life circle". Do not passenger trial operation is a comprehensive "big test" before the opening of operations. During the trial operation, the operators will perform safety, reliability testing and verification of the equipment systems and overall systems of rail transit to meet the requirements of the traffic trial operation. Lay the foundation for the opening of the trial operation. It is understood that Chongqing Rail Transit No. 1 Phase I engineering line Xiqi Shapingba District, north to Yubei District, train adopts mountain AS vehicles, the highest operating speed of the train is 100 km / h. The whole line includes Xinqiao, Gautan Rock, Tianx Road, Shapingba, Xiaolongkan, Tuwan, Hongyan Village, Fuhua Road, Hua Longqiao, Li Jiaping, Laguar, Guanyin Bridge, Squid Pool, Liu Jiatai, Jiangbei City , Wuli Store, Chanxi, Tongtang, Bonded Port, Cruise Mother, He Jia Liang, Shijiao River, Shangwan Road, Qinggangping, Baosheng Lake, Xingke Avenue Station. It is reported that the first phase of Rail Transit No. 9 is transferred to the ring, Line 1, Line 3, Line 5, Line, Line 6, Line 10, Line, 15, etc., respectively. Among them, Shapingba Station and No. 1, the ring line transfer, Xiaolongkan Station and No. 1 shift, Hongyan Village Station and No. 5 line transfer, Fuhua Road Station and No. 18 shift, Guanyin Bridge Station and 3 Transfer to the line, the squid pool station is transferred to No. 10 line, Jiangbei City Station is transferred to the Line 6, Wuli Shore Station and the ring, No. 6 shift, Tangtang Station, Bondang Station and No. 4 Take it, the Shangwan Road Station is transferred to No. 10 line, and Baoshenghu Station is transferred to Line 15. (Editor: Hu Hong, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.