Gao Bao Yiqi Battle of the North Zhou Luoyang,Zhou Jun has more than 12 million people, there is no way to take Jin Yucheng.,After passing by Duan Zuo, one or two eloquence。

Visible“Small town”,In fact, very tiered。 “Leader,Jin Yucheng City Tall,or……Excavate authentic?” Li Da has gone an idea。 I didn’t expect the public to light your eyes.,Don’t say,Li Da will only take Gao Bao.,I didn’t expect this time, I have a good Read More

In this situation,It’s certainly not accidental that Dad said Ye Boping’s name,There should be a reason,Zhang Siwei’s heart is cold,Zhao Gang’s suspicion is not without reason。

“Oh,That’s it。”Zhang Siwei didn’t dare to talk to his mother。 “okay,Don’t think about it,Your dad has been away for so many years,I cook。”Wu Lusheng went to the kitchen again after speaking。 Zhang Siwei has also suspected that his father’s death Read More