Signing ceremony site. Wang Rui took this signed cooperation agreement, and the two parties of the Silver Body carefully implemented the Party Central Committee. The specific initiatives of the agricultural provinces to the strong provinces of agriculture will effectively meet the diversification of rural resolution, multi-level financial needs, and create a new situation in which the silver bonus cooperation, the financial finance collaborate supports agricultural development, and builds financial support for rural revitalization. Anhui New template. According to the agreement, the silver bonus will give full play to the respective advantages, innovation and improve the proportion of sharing, limit rescue, agricultural industrial chain ecological guarantee, etc., in the "three rural" credit services, party construction leading the creation and system construction of credit villages Waiting in the field to carry out comprehensive cooperation, fully support the development of new agricultural operating subjects such as the main body, family farm, and large farmers in the agricultural industrial chain. In the next five years, the Agricultural Bank of Anhui Province and Anhui Province will be based on financial support for the special activities of "Thousand Towa Village Rural Revitalization" and "Party Construction and Code" and other special activities. Comprehensive revitalization, injecting powerful driving into social development.

Provincial Agricultural Bank of China, the person in charge of the provincial farm, and the head of Hefei Agricultural Bank of China participated in the signing ceremony. (Adjusion) (Editor: Guanfei, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.