Sports Morning News: Jeremy Lin enjoys the All-Star, the national feather men’s singles army wiped out
[Guo’an]Two foreign aid return teams participated in the winter training.资料图/前桑拿、夜网彭子洋 摄北京中赫国安队两位外援比埃拉与奥古斯托抵达西班牙,与正在当地集训的北京中赫国安队会合,此前,金玟哉和巴坎布已经Arrived at the team’s station.In addition to the recruited players of the national name, the national security team has been relatively neat in winter training.(Video >> Guo’an Foreign Aid Return Team]【Guo Yu】 Malaysia Men’s Singles Missed the Final Four World Badminton Professional Tour Malaysia Masters ended the quarter-finals last night. Both Chen Long and Shi Yuqi failed to win.The men’s singles are all out at this station.In other singles, the women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles have two pairs of pairs, and Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen became the “single seedlings” of the men’s doubles.(War report >> Shi Yuqi points will overtake Lin Dan)[CBA]Jeremy Lin enjoys the All-Star Game Jeremy Lin will usher in the CBA All-Star debut.Data Map / Sauna, Night Net Wu Jiangshe 2020 CBA All-Star Weekend will kick off tonight. At the red carpet ceremony held last night and the round-table interview with the starting players of the main game, Shougang Men ‘s Basketball Foreign Aid Lin Shuhao said that he only needs to enjoy the game, Did not set himself a goal to get MVP.Last night, Jeremy Lin appeared in a suit presented by his late friend Gao Yixiang to commemorate this good friend.(Details >> Jeremy Lin wears a suit presented by Gao Yixiang to attend the event)[EPL]VAR “strangles” West Ham to equalize the first round of the Premier League round 22 this morning, Sheffield United defeated West Ham 1-0 at home, the home team played in the second halfThe only goal in the game.Snowgrass scored a goal for West Ham in stoppage time, but the video assistant referee (VAR) determined that the assisted Rice handball foul was the first.After losing, West Ham is currently only 2 points higher than the relegation zone.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Liu Jun