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His first reaction was that Chen Geng was lying,But immediately told him about his professionalism,Chen Geng cannot lie about things that can be easily verified,and so,China’s aviation engineers are really so cheap?
He somewhat understands Chen Geng’s choice。
Chen Geng continued:“This is the official exchange rate,In fact, there is a black market exchange rate in China,On the black market,Dollar andRMBThe exchange rate has arrived1:9even1:10,1USD can be exchanged9Yuan and even10yuanRMB,we all know,Black market prices can actually reflect normal market prices,and so……”Looking at James·Carter,Chen Geng shrugged:“In China,An engineer with experience in the aviation industry、The salary of a senior technician is actually only ten to twenty dollars……”
James·Carter is silent。
Fernandez·Chen said nothing,James·Carter knows exactly what he hasn’t finished saying“You said,I put this aircraft dismantling factory in China,Do i earn?”
Earn money!
James·Carter had to admit,If Chen Geng really established such an aircraft dismantling plant in China,Compared to in the US,He at least earns more30%to40%!
“Ok,I understand your choice,”After a while of silence,James·Carter finally spoke again:“Mr. Fernandez,I’m going straight,What the FBI is now worried about,If you set up your aircraft dismantling factory in China,It is easy to cause the leakage of our state secrets……”
“Did you guys make a mistake?”Chen Geng’s eyes widened:“Have you ever investigated?Do you know what kind of aircraft were sent to the dismantling plant??”
This is a bit embarrassing,He really didn’t know what the airplanes were sent to the airplane dismantling plant.。