Zhang Xiaofan, who is kneeling in the middle of the hall, is also looking at another young man in white.,Look similar to yourself,the difference lies in,A young introvert,A majestic indifferent。
“Stupid?I don’t know how to work around,Keep kneeling。”
Heavenly Emperor Zhang Xiaofan looked at himself in another world,Said quietly,then,Look at the real Taoxuan on the main seat,Zhu Xianjian unsheathed,Jian Feng pointed at Daoxuan Zhenren,Plain way。
“Qingyunmen in another world,Zhang Xiaofan,Come to this world,Take charge of Qingyun Gate,agree,Or destroy。”
“Zhu Xianjian,Who are you。”
Daoxuan looked at the face similar to Zhang Xiaofan in front of him,But majestic and indifferent,The young man holding the Zhuxian sword,Ugly face。
“Junior Brother,You abdicate and let Hyun,All so old,Isn’t it better to wait for death quietly??”
Wan Jian said with a free smile,Holding Dragon Sword,Block the exit of the hall。
“Daoxuan,Willing to follow the ancestral instructions,Meet the new head teacher。”
a long time,Watching the gradual sharpness of Zhuxianjian,Master Tao Xuan chose the same way as in another world,then,Salute。
“Meet the new head teacher。”
Inside the hall,Everyone at Qingyunmen saluted。
“Wan Jianyi,Get rid of the demons。”
Emperor Zhang Xiaofan glanced at the people in Fenxiang Valley,Said quietly,then,Carry Zhu Xianjian behind him,Slowly move towards the theme。
“Yes,Head teacher。”
Wan Jianyi said respectfully,The voice falls,Body shape flashes,Appeared behind a disciple of Fenxiang Valley,Slashing the Dragon Sword one after another,The sharp sword aura rushed towards the demons who did not react, disguised as the people of the Incense Valley.。
After the emperor Zhang Xiaofan comes to the main seat and sits down,The demons in the main peak hall have all been destroyed,Wan Jianyi retracted the Dragon Slashing Sword,Standing calmly beside the emperor Zhang Xiaofan。