[] Since its official access to the World Trade Organization on December 11, 2001, China has attracted attractive attention in the economic sector. Many overseas people said that China’s accession to the WTO has brought a profound change in China and the world economic trade. China’s rapid development is obvious, and the increasing market opening level has made China and the world economy to achieve a win-win situation. China will also be in the World Trade. Play an important role in the organization reform. After entering the world, the economic development is affirmed by the article of the British Broadcasting Company, saying that China and the world are win-win. China’s enomnation of this country and even the world, profound and wide range: Western countries occupy the high-end value chain of the global value, the economy is rapid, and the Chinese economy also ushered in the high-speed development.

In the past 20 years, China has become the world’s second largest economy, accounting for about 4% of the world’s economic growth from 2001 to about 2020. The "Washington Times" report said that since the joining the World Trade Organization, China’s national net assets have increased significantly.

Bloomberg’s report said that China’s net assets have risen to 120 trillion US dollars, far from Beijing to join the WTO, 2 billion US dollars in 2000. Many overseas people have noted that China has grown sharply in foreign trade in China, and China has continued to develop higher levels.

  The report of "Japan Economic News" said that after 20 years of joining the WTO, China’s trade volume of China has achieved double growth and has become one of the most important participants in global trade.

Since Joining the WTO since December 2001, China has become a world factory, steadily increased exports, and increases imports by gradually reducing tariffs. According to the Data of the United Nations Trade and Development, from 2001 to 2020, China’s export has increased by 870%, and the import increased by 740%. The total trade volume increased by 810%, far from the average growth rate of 180% of global trade. . China’s trade is 13% in the world, far higher than 4% in 2001.

China is currently an important trading partner including many countries, including Japan.

  The "Foreign Policy" in Spain reported that China’s accession to the World Trade Organization is an economic incident that can be defined in the 21st century.

Since 2001, global companies have increased the interest in China, and the Chinese government has made great commitments in economically, strengthening export-oriented productive networks, China has risen in the total export of global exports.

From 2002 to 2010, exports in 2009 have declined slightly, China’s export volume is maintained every year.

In just 8 years, China’s exports increased by 4 times.

Today, China’s export volume accounts for about 15% of the total world export, and the US accounts for approximately 8%.

All of this data showed changes from China to the WTO. The report of the BBC website said that in 20 years, China’s import volume has also increased by nearly 6 times.

In 2020, China imports already account for about 12% of the total amount of foreign trade trade imports, which is an amazing figure. The report of "Japan Economic News" also pointed out that most of China’s exports of China’s exports are labor-intensive products such as the costumes. However, in recent years, China has added high-tech products such as personal computers and smart phones. Continued to expand and open a lot of overseas people believe that China’s 20 years of joining the WTO continues to actively open the market. Higher levels of market access and openness not only benefit China, but also promotes the prosperity of world economic trade. Former French Prime Minister Rafa has stated that China has also proven that China has made great progress in China’s economic and social development, and the opening up will eventually promote China’s rapid development. The BBC website invokes the Global Trade Analyst Nick Malo, which is a global trade analyst. After the addition of the WTO, China has introduced market competition in the economic key field, which has brought out industry structure improvement. Foreign investment has brought capital and technology to promote employment and economic growth.

These growth has also promoted government taxation and household balance and support technological innovation. "From the global perspective, join the WTO to make China integrate into the global economy, and create an important role in regional and global value chains.

"Nigeria Senior Economic Media," African China Economic "magazine, AMIU I believe that China has joined the WTO for 20 years, and has an important impact on world economic trade and play an important role.

"China’s huge and abundant market helped the world to recover from the 1988 economic recession.

It is worth congratulating that as an important member of the WTO, China is full of confidence in this organization and is really a core member of the World Trade Rules.

"The US" Wall Street Journal "report said that in the past decade, China has become more frequently used by the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and increasingly participating in other cases.

China is basically a bystander when joining the organization 20 years ago, and now is the most active participant in the world. In Aima, China helped Nigeria and other African countries achieve industrialization, which also helped WTO to encourage African countries to facilitate the world market on the basis of regional trade in Africa. The WTO reform leads to the present, WTO is in the unilateralism impact crisis, future reform direction and China will pay attention to all sectors. The WTO Director-General Ngos, Ivera, said that the WTO needs to make more contributions to enhance economic toughness, because the future natural and human risk and disaster are increasing.

Improved trade measures transparency and predictability, which helps decision makers and enterprises make infant decisions. When reviewing the Trump government, a report of the Wall Street Daily said that the US regular government’s suspicion of the WTO has been transformed into a US policy, such as stopping the WTO Appeal (Supreme Court) The judge entered its Supreme Court, which weakened the United States as the capacity of international arbiters of trade disputes. According to the analysis, at the same time, China defends the WTO and its Supreme Court, which enhances its status in the organization. The US Zhikou Atlantic Council said that the World Trade Organization is facing a variety of eyes and long-term crises. Although the Biden government has expressed strong support for the reform of the agency and cooperates with other WTO members, so far, its specific position and goals of the agency are still blurred. James Bax, Congress of Florida, James Bax, said: "The rest of the world will not wait for the United States." He has served as Chairman of the World Trade Organization Appeal Agency.

  A recent report of "Nanhua Morning Post" said that the future of multilateral trade is in the intersection.

Ivera said that the trade institution is about to change, and she also warns the EU, Japan and the United States do not use trade reform "aim" China.

She said that it is necessary to solve the concerns of trade practices, rather than using trade to address non-trade issues. According to analysts, China should seize the window of the opportunity, rebuild the authority of the World Trade Organization in the global trade system, but also pay attention to the "small circle" countries that are unilateralism and protectionism. It is worth noting that less than a week ago, 67 members of the WTO, including China-US, published the "Declaration on Completing Domestic Regulation of Service Trade". This is the first time that the WTO is in trouble since 2015. Global rules agree.

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