It took a long time for Hua Yun to stop crying,It seems that this time Li Tianchou was completely miserable,I finally paid a heavy price。The company goes out of business,Wang Yuanling is in the police station,Now even the most concerned people have lost their freedom,Don’t you succumb to evil,Is it really wrong to fight resolutely??

I have cried twice in the past half month,Last time was to vent,This time I’m completely sad,It seems that my ability is really terrible,Even the top executives of the group are here in this disaster,Talking about making it Read More


“Stay!” “Lying on white!” Be born,Black hole emission summer。 There are still few people trying to rush.。 Summer is not moving,Drawing white neck,There is no watch, no watch,“Don’t move,Otherwise I crushed his throat.。” Several people rushing to stop。 Everyone is Read More

even,Among the cognition of all consonsions of the road,Not reached the Tongtian level,Is never flying。

This mysterious experience,Really can’t describe。 “Ah, ah.——I can fly.,Can fly。” After all, it is a girl’s mind.,Soon and excited。 “master,Can I learn this secret??” Summer laughing,“Not that I don’t teach,But you can’t learn。” Yafucton dooded his mouth,“Humph,I do not believe,Master,My Read More