Dozens of golden lights fell immediately,Although the war puppets are not under command,But instinctively protect the drive,So I jumped into the smoke without hesitation,The rumbling voice keeps on,One corner of the large altar being built collapsed,The broken shadow of Dayan also fell,Only‘Son of Metaverse’Longbow,Standing proudly in the air。

The awakened blood-race supernatural powers reacted differently,Some rush into the smoke,Some direction‘Son of Metaverse’Launched an attack,Everyone knows the legend,It is impossible for the opponent to shoot a third Yuanhuang arrow,Lost this terrifying weapon,‘Son of Metaverse’It’s nothing。 But the legend is Read More

Here in the ring,Luo Feng was irritated by Ye Fuming’s appearance“Ye Fuming, right?,If I have not heard of your deeds,I really think you are killing me!”Lou Feng Yin speaks,Eyes full of chill。

Fuming raised his eyebrows and looked at this guy“Don’t waste time,Quick fix,Besides, I want to see how much the internal students are better than that guy!” Luo Feng Armed Battlegear,Took out the weapon,Same sword,But his is more slender than Bai Read More


First2070chapter get through Xia Jian ran out of the Luo family’s villa overnight,He suddenly felt a sense of relief。It turns out that he is also a person who likes freedom。No matter how good someone else’s home is,I always feel not Read More