Xia Jian reluctantly opened the door,Went out。He opened the door of the living room and took a look,See it is Yao Junli。Xia Jian pretended to be happy and smiled:“Why are you here?People’s pot washing water is poured“

“Damn!I can’t help it,A few guests at noon,Just finished socializing,I heard you all eat dumplings here,I’m so anxious“Yao Junli said,Walked in。 Ouyang Hong who heard the voice came out of He Jing’s bedroom,She smiled at Yao Junli and said:“I’ll cook Read More

“I don’t know how to control the dice,But I have enough strength,You can definitely use the dice cup to shake the dice into pieces when you can shake the dice,This way you have a chance to beat him by showing a few more faces!”

Just when Chen Xiu figured out how to deal with it,He Shouheng said to Situ Guang:“Mr. Situ,You are a challenger,You shake first!” “it is good!” Situ Guang stood up suddenly,Kicked the chair behind him,Catch the dice cup and sweep across Read More

Chapter 82 Deadlock

Yu Zhe is not too nonsense,Open the wallet directly,Took out all the cash and threw it to the hooded robber。 Threatened but cannot fight back,Made him feel uncomfortable,Now the robber wants to use Shimuluo to threaten him,It also made him Read More