“Are you talking about him?”

———— First0102chapter Historical truth2 “Yes。”Qiao Shiyu nodded and said。 “Later because of different ideas,Our two forces parted ways,At Qiao’s,I was assigned control of Merck Group,And my brother Qiao Shicheng got a controlling stake in another group。” “after that,In order to Read More

“Haha,Prince,Is it confusing,Why are the elite agents of the Saudi intelligence agency so vulnerable?,is not it?”Qiao Tianyu said with a smile。

“Yes indeed,what happened?”Prince Mahmoud asked inexplicably。 “The world’s largest intelligence organization—-Russian KGB!”Qiao Tianyu smiled,“Prince,how about it,I got the KGB to save me,You don’t have to worry about revealing stuff?Hahaha.” Just when Qiao Tianyu was joking with Prince Mahmoud,Suddenly heard “boom”A Read More