———— Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety The art of killing Not many people paid attention to this detail,After all, most people’s eyes are on the stage,All on Zhu Qiuhong’s body。 She is Zhou Min’s good friend,At this moment, everyone’s nostalgia Read More

This horn fly is the only alien creature known to be immobile,But its most terrifying thing is that it can continuously produce flying flies,And once these flies are large in number,Will occupy the entire space,So as to start a peculiar force field,Even the thermal weapons of the human army cannot penetrate this defensive field,It’s a powerful creature that gives you a headache。

———— Chapter VIII Upheaval If this kind of horn fly just has a defensive field,The key is that this strange creature will continue to create flies,These flies will prey,Will gradually expand the sphere of influence,If humans don’t stop in time,These Read More


PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。 His first reaction was that Chen Geng was lying,But immediately told him about his professionalism,Chen Geng cannot lie about things that can be easily verified,and so,China’s aviation engineers are really so cheap? He somewhat Read More

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———— Chapter five hundred and six Qin FengVSLohill Patriarch “Boom!” The helicopter exploded in everyone’s eyes。Turned into a pile of debris! Draxler’s open mouth never closed,Because he feels that this scene is beyond his own perception。This is not something human Read More