First1011chapter The master is the master Ingmar·Spotnow inherited the excellent qualities of their employees in this industry:Just take your benefits,Will definitely help you get things done。 Before Chen Geng visited Her Majesty Queen Beatrix,Ingmar·Spotnor whispered to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Your Majesty Read More

Haven’t sat down yet,A man in his twenties stood up and deliberately blocked their way,Blushing like a monkey butt,I think this drunk state is so handsome,The sight directly ignores Chen Wenjin’s existence,The desire in my eyes can pop out at any time,Just waiting to pounce on Xiao Xiao。

This person is good,If you are not drunk,Maybe the discharge is also very attractive,But drunk has no self-control,A red face like a monkey butt with a pierced look,Men hate it。 “you know、How difficult is the fate of two strangers to Read More

It’s not that Master Lu Kairen was so shocked,Is this a large computer?,domestic,No unit will equip a project with a mainframe“luxurious”Equipment,I can’t even think about it。

Chen Geng nodded affirmatively,Said:“The reform of the group,you guysY12Is one of the pilot departments,As a pilot unit,You have to bear the most pressure,Can be under pressure at the same time,Naturally, there must be enough returns,As long as you have achieved Read More

George thought Chen Limu was calling him,There will be important things,It was just to express gratitude。When the soul is fragile,Can pour out words of gratitude,For George, there is gold content。

George is embarrassed,One hand touched the back of his head。Look at Aunt Mu’s tired face,State of mind and body,Surprised。Thoughtfully waved to Yang Zi, the personal servant of Chen Limu,Motion to come and help Aunt Mu back to the house。 Yang Read More