“It’s a Ge Yao Kuikou Washer。”

“Sure it is genuine?” “Pooh,You were still breastfeeding while I was playing porcelain,I can go away!” Weasel listened to their conversation,I resisted curiosity and asked:“Master Xiu,Is this Ge Yao Kwai Mouth Washing very valuable??” “Ok too,Depends on appearance and size、Fineness。” Read More


First83chapter You can try! “Your sister,Have recovered memory!” Fang Yu finished the needle,Came outside,Shen Sheng。 “So fast?Doctor Fang, don’t you say it takes a week……” Jingmu heard the news,Very happy。 “A week,I guess,I recently thought of a new way!Can speed Read More

“The two children looked at the face,Can’t live this one?”The old man answered the wrong question,I kept playing with bamboo poles in my hands,Suddenly shouted,“grass,Fucking hard!”

Li Tianchou is unclear so,Thinking about wording,But Xiao Song took the lead,“We don’t live here,Came to see relatives。” Kiwi nodded,Suddenly eyes up,Muttered to himself,“That bastard has no relatives?”Then turned to look into the river,Stop talking to the two,Obviously the things Read More

“Ok……How about this,We are only better than the knife,Don’t be mad,How spiritual,Because i’m an ordinary person,Can’t be infuriated and spiritual。”

Ordinary people?? Yu Shen frowned and looked puzzled,but,quickly,Yu Shen knew,It must be this senior who is afraid of hurting himself,Do not use spiritual power,This is naturally the best,This best reflects the sword technique。 Yu Shen was very dissatisfied with Jingpu,But Read More