Actually Elder Qi is no exception,Emphasis on rescue first‘Liege’,The purpose is to restore the Holy Fire Temple,Nor does it look at the problem from a global perspective,The one stone strategy proposed by him is even more dangerous,Teenagers don’t agree。

In the heart of a teenager,The suggestions of the elders were almost completely rejected,But this is bound to seriously affect morale,Without big eyes,Rushly at the invitation of Li Tan to negotiate with the imperial court,Young people do lack confidence,So before Read More

In this situation,It’s certainly not accidental that Dad said Ye Boping’s name,There should be a reason,Zhang Siwei’s heart is cold,Zhao Gang’s suspicion is not without reason。

“Oh,That’s it。”Zhang Siwei didn’t dare to talk to his mother。 “okay,Don’t think about it,Your dad has been away for so many years,I cook。”Wu Lusheng went to the kitchen again after speaking。 Zhang Siwei has also suspected that his father’s death Read More

Park the car,Wang Youcai walked over to Zhaoliang with his mobile phone。Although it looks like seven or eight o’clock,But the door was plugged in early。Wang Youcai pushed hard several times,Didn’t push away。

Wang Youcai thought about it,I took out my phone and sent a text message。In a while,I heard the door opening in the yard。With the sound of footsteps,Feng Yan’s charming voice came:“Wang Youcai!” “What to shout?Open the door,You want to freeze Read More