Xia Jianyi heard it too,This Aunt Chen is too anxious,Made him look so ugly in front of Song Fang,But since the words are broken,He doesn’t say a word,I’m also sorry Aunt Chen,So Xia Jian smiled and said:“As long as you have this plan,Otherwise, Aunt Chen gets older and older,You should understand what i said“

“I have come this far,There is nothing wrong with it,It’s true to have a good life with Erniu,So I also thought about,Even if i’m tired,Must give birth to a child for Er Niu,Otherwise I’m a bit sorry for him“Song Fang Read More

For Li Tianchou’s background,Liu Ming is obviously upset,He dialed Liu Tiejun’s number,“it’s me,Lao Liu。I want to know what is the status of the security monitoring?”

“we24He kept two comrades watching his every move,Li Tianchou is not doing anything unusual at the moment。After discharge in the morning,Went to the long-distance station to pick up people,Seems to be a relative of his colleague。correct,in the afternoon2O’clock,Li Tianchou appeared Read More

If the big bar,In addition to these two groups of people,No one else。Even the indoor light only turned on,Watching such a scene,Can’t help but remind people of certain scenes in the movie。

“Miss Jones!You made me red in the middle of the night,Is it because of this?”Quan Ge is yawning,Unhappy。 Jones laughed and said:“Brother Quan!This matter is not small。Xia Jian is my guest,I didn’t expect to be forcibly taken away by you,If Read More