“Since she wanted to hide from me,Then I will tell you。I’m all done with my business,Back to Bucheon tomorrow,So there are not many opportunities here,So you should call her back to work!”When Xia Jian said this,,Serious look。

Gu Yue smiled and said:“I can guess it without you telling me,Did Tie Li have feelings for you?,And you don’t cherish others,The result is to force people to leave?” “Hi!”Xia Jian sighed,The whole process of which day Tie Li called Read More

Of course the deity is much stronger,Supernatural power、Mana is stronger。The amplitude of the three forces in one is also greater than the two forces in one,It is estimated to be in the top five with confidence。

But the second-ranked Li Xing Palace Lord or the first-ranked Wine Saint,He’s not sure。 As for the breakthrough now,Even the second soul is absolutely sure to suppress the wine god。Unless the wine saint gets the law of the universe,Otherwise there Read More

Ma Xiaoli paused and said:“To be honest,I really didn’t come to you today,I won’t meet anyone from your group。We talked about,Which Xiao Xiao will change as soon as he comes,What are you talking about?,Is this what a boss said??”

Ma Xiaoli is a bit emotional,It seems that Xiao Xiao really annoyed her。Xia Jian opened the second bottle of liquor,Then let the Dragon Ball pour it on everyone,He just smiled and said:“Let’s not talk about her,About the Eastern Wholesale Market,Let Read More

The man on the phone smiled and said:“Getting older,Be less angry,Be careful。Let your friend drive the car to Dongping Avenue first,Keep going,Listen to my call”

Without waiting for Nalandeping to speak,The other party has hung up。Xia Jian was taken aback,He immediately understood。The other party knows their actions so well,One is that someone has been watching,The other is at Nalandeping’s house,Or on Nalandepin’s body,Installed something like Read More