Xinhuanet Chengdu November 17th (Wu Xiao) On November 17th, the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government Information Office held a launch conference to report progress in the prevention and control of Xinzhongong Pneumonia, Chengdu: From November 14th to the current, There is no new local case in Chengdu, and the city’s epidemic is basically controlled. On November 2, Cheng Yucheng reported that there were 26 cases of the local confirmed cases of the local discontinuation as of 6:00 on the 17th. All cases were treated in Chengdu Association. At present, there are 24 cases, light patients are stable; 2 cases of heavy patients are 80 years old, and a variety of basic diseases are being treated.

  According to the relevant requirements of the risk area level, since the 13th, the Jinniu District Hefei Shui’an Huijing Community (Phase II, Phase I), Chenghua District, Huafang District, Jinjiang District, the first Cangzi No. 1, the first medium-risk area Adjustment to low risk areas.

Residents’ lives in the universal area will gradually resume the right tracks as usual, and residents can travel freely with personal protection and personal health monitoring.

  At present, there are still 1 high-risk area, 9 in-risk areas in Chengdu. "Universal" is not equal to "unfaming". He Xiao Xiao, deputy director of Chengdu Health Committee, said that it cannot ignore the arduousness and continuity of normalized epidemic prevention and control. Chengdu will continue to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound", compress the "four-party responsibility", strictly dependent the responsibility, departmental responsibility, unit main body responsibility, personal self-health management responsibility, ensure epidemic The control situation continues to be good. [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].