Just in the late September school season, if your baby just gets on kindergarten, he / she is used to getting used to the children of the Garden for the first time, the adaptation to the new environment is slow. At the beginning of the kindergarten, no parents were accompanied by, and did not know the small partners, children may not know how to integrate into the collective. The kindergarten is a small challenge for the baby and parents. How to deal with ◎ What the baby is easy to appear, do not want to go to kindergarten, each baby’s kindergarten adaptation will be different.

Most don’t want the baby in kindergarten, there are different degrees of "separation anxiety", referring to an anxiety, uneasiness or unpleasant emotional response to an attachment object (usually a mother).

  Anxiety attachment baby, over-relying on parents’ baby, is difficult to express their own babies more easily generate separation anxiety.

So if your baby has this situation, please encourage your baby to do what you can do so early, not overprotect and love. At the same time, the factors in entering the park may be more complicated, and if there is a slow development, the development of diseases, it will also affect the adaptation process of kindergarten.

If parents or teachers observe children may have the signs of diseases or diseases such as autism, they should be assessed and counted as soon as possible.

  ◎ Baby does not want to go to kindergarten, normal? Most of these are normal, please don’t worry, as the child is gradually adapting to the environment, it will slowly improve. Excessive attention, even don’t let children go to kindergarten, but not to adapt to the environment as soon as possible.

  But this does not mean to force the child to go to kindergarten, and it will give children to be afraid, more resistance to school.

  If the children have long-term resistance to the park, it is difficult to adapt in kindergarten, do not participate in collective activities, have obvious anxiety, more than 1 month or more, or do not exchange with children after entering the park, there is no language expression, but in the familiar environment Parents should pay attention to it. Need to consult a doctor to see if there is a "adaptive obstacle" or "selective silence" and other psychological abnormalities.

  ◎ I have to cry, I have to cry, I have to cry, how to do, what should I do? First, I have to understand the child is worried and scared. If the child can’t say it, you can guess and ask him / she is like this. Or play the game of the family, play the situation of kindergarten, and exclude whether there is hurt in kindergarten. If you confirm that your child is crying because you don’t want to separate, please feel gently and firmly smile and bid farewell to your door, and ensure that you will come to pick him up.

Then brought back the classroom by the teacher, it is recommended to bid farewell time no more than 10 minutes.

  If the child is willing, with him / she discusses a gesture or action, as a "farewell ceremony" that is exclusive to go to school, it can help the child accept separation.

  ◎ If your baby has not yet gained kindergarten, in order to help him better adapt to the life of kindergarten, you can try the following preparations: (1) Let the child have a concept of kindergarten. For example, playing the game in the kindergarten at home, and the child said that the kindergarten can know the teacher’s classmates, there are a lot of fun toys, you can play with the children. Every afternoon, I will come to pick you home.

  (2) Take a time to take the child to see the kindergarten and study in the kindergarten. Conditional can be earganized in the target kindergarten or half-duty. After dinner at night, you can walk around the kindergarten, and will come to the child from time to time, you will come here to school, guide your child to observe the environment, trees, flowers, and play equipment, etc. in kindergarten.

Parents should try to guide, ask questions, encouragement, wait, and slow down their rhythm to explore the environment. (3) Strengthening parent-child interaction, letting the baby no longer feel "being thrown into the kindergarten." In order to let the child integrate into the kindergarten environment, the parents usually accompany their children to do some interactive games, read the daily life of kindergarten, let the baby communicate from the middle school, constantly encourage him / her, actively interact with the child, and build safety through the parents Close contact, the baby will slowly become confident and brave, and prepare to integrate into a new environment for the next new environment.

  For the child, the little world created from my mother dad, I gradually walked out of the house, I saw a big world, it was a process that was not easy but it is not easy, I hope our parents will do this companion, put this Interesting world, slowly introduce them to them, let them bring your love and go to their own life.