Xinhua News Agency, March 7th (Reporter Meng Yongqi) At 9:30 in the evening, the first floor of the Changchun Optics Precision Machinery and Physics Research Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tong Dynasty, 7-year-old Anan in the mother office "overtime" After the painting, I slept.

  Anan painted her newly designed telescope paper. She intends to give this painting to my mother to my mother on the same day.

The telescope in the painting has a lot of "pupils", she thinks this telescope can be more distracted than the telescope developed by my mother.

Anan wrote homework in the laboratory, her mother Wu Xiaoxia (right) discussed experiment details with team members.

Xinhua News Agency, Xu Chang photographing Anan’s mother called Wu Xiaoxia, is a researcher of the Optoelectronic Exploration Department of the Changchun Plah of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the person in charge of a large-caliber telescope project. In 2018, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a 4-meter-stage silicon carbide mirror, which is about to be used in my country’s independent ground large optoelectronic system, which makes the Chinese have a brighter eye to observe space.

  From manufacturing research and development to follow-up work, Wu Xiaoxia as a core member has entered the state of overtime every day in early 2018, and only the National Day holiday will be taken throughout the year. She took her children on weekdays, so An An often accompanied her overtime in my mother’s office. Many overtime nights, when Mom debugged equipment, Anan was looking for it next to it.

Gradually, she began to learn her mother’s picture drawing, the big circle is the eye of the telescope, the middle of the medium is "pupil"; she will use the building block into the instrument equipment used by her mother.

The use of instrumentation and equipment such as tracker, Anan can tell his head. Sometimes, Wu Xiaoxia said that the name of the parts, Anan can accurately find the hand to use it. Anan is observing the tracker in the mother’s laboratory. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Chang photographed "Science and Technology Little People", many people in schools called Anan, and students envy she has a scientist mother. Anan often shares the scientific knowledge of my mother to the classmates, and even the skipping rope competition, "rigorous", will she draw a picture to stand where to stand, how to save time.

  "Anan and other girls are not too kind, she is particularly interested in engineering and machinery.

"Wu Xiaoxia said that she will discuss how to make the daughter can make the telescope clearer, sometimes to help her daughter to modify the drawings, and sometimes teach her simple scientific knowledge of the optical telescope.

  Wu Xiaoxia said that more and more female researchers have assumed an indispensable role in the field of scientific and technological needs in the country, and they have a good balance between work and families, not only excellent technology. Workers are also the favorite mom in the child’s heart.

  "I have to be a scientist in the future." When you mention your own ideals, Anan doesn’t hesitate. Wu Xiaoxia uses alternative education methods to make the scientific seeds in Anan’s heart. Editor in charge: Guo Cong.