Li Naiwen’s supporting role is easy, playing the golden male dilemma
In the play, Li Naiwen and Zhao Ziqi play a couple.”If you can turn back in time” is the third cooperation between Li Naiwen and Jin Dong, Li Zonghan.For more than 20 years as an actor, from the stage of the drama to the film and television drama, Li Naiwen’s people remember most of him as the male number two. Even the director Meng Jinghui has praised him, and the supporting roles are too powerful.”The role of the supporting role is very large. We often say that lifting the sedan to the protagonist is a technical task. If the person does not lift the sedan, the sedan will not be able to get up, and the sedan has to be lifted comfortably.It ‘s easy to say that it ‘s easy for men, but it ‘s not easy for men.”This edition is written / sauna. In the popular drama” If You Can Turn Back “by Zhang Kunyu, an artist on the night network, Li Naiwen plays the university teacher Lan Yu, who interprets the marriage crisis.From “Mr. Love” to “Better Life” and “The Frontier of Love”, Li Naiwen became the “golden supporting role” familiar to audiences.A few days ago, when he was interviewed by Sauna and Yeewang, he talked about the topic of “supporting character”, and used the bearer who carried the sedan to describe the nature of the supporting character.”” If the years can look back, “” I and Blue Sky Yu are both golden-haired physiques, “Li Naiwen said, he is similar to the blue sky stupid personality in” If the years can look back, “” Mediocre, everything is easy to discuss, as long as you do n’tTouch the bottom line.”Blue Sky Yu can’t accept his wife’s spiritual derailment, but he can’t let go of this feeling, and has done a lot of things.”It was because he found this kind of “screwing” to be very interesting that led him to take on the role. “Such as this can be rare in domestic TV dramas.”In Li Naiwen’s opinion, Lantian Yu is like golden retriever. It looks cute and easy-going with everyone, but he can’t be” anxious “. If he is anxious, he bites.”It’s also very similar to me. I can be a buddy with anyone at ordinary times. My nickname when I was in school was called ‘People in Golden Hair’.”Through the development of the plot, Lan Tianyu has also experienced growth and change,” what impressed me most was the kind of anxiety and anxiety in the hospital when he realized that his wife might have an incurable disease., What is a family, what can not be let go.”The mother of Li Naiwen, a self-supporting student who has regretted her life so far, graduated from the Chinese opera, and was later assigned to the Tianjin People’s Art Theatre.When he was 5 years old, the theater rehearsal required a child. He heard that he could not go to kindergarten because of this, and he readily agreed.It was easy for everyone to go on stage that time. “Just throw me on the stage. I’m just like no one else. The one who talks and talks should walk around without being dazed.”Since then, the theater has arranged four drama plays, and Li Naiwen has participated in the show.So, from an early age, he had a love for the stage.  During the college entrance examination, Li Naiwen also applied for the Chinese opera. As a result, the three tests did not perform well and became self-supporting students, but his parents still supported him.Later, he realized that others only need to pay more than 700 yuan a semester. He has to pay more than 5,000. He felt pressure in his heart and felt that it caused trouble for his family.”My mother is very good, she said to me: Son, do n’t feel uncomfortable in your heart, just go well. My request for you is that after these four are finished, let the teacher think that it is wrong for you to make your own expenses.”As a result, Li Naiwen completed the task ahead of his first semester.After graduation, Gao Jingwen, his Chinese opera teacher, once chatted with him. That year, he was a self-supporting student, and he was very sorry.  During the period when the Chinese opera man gave the nickname “Big Drama Killer” to the university, Li Naiwen also had a nickname “Big Drama Killer”. As long as he starred in the works, none of them could finally be formed.First of all, my brother Chen Jianbin made a pioneering drama, looking for Li Naiwen. Chen Jianbin’s mentor was He Bingzhu, the wife of great guide Lin Zhaohua. Both teachers thought they were too pioneers after reading it.In the senior year, there were three graduates in the class. Three teachers, one went out to film, one was hospitalized with hepatitis B, and one had acute meningitis.When Li Naiwen graduated and was going to stay in the Experimental Chinese Theater, the theater said that he would rehearse the drama “My Principle Seven”, and was won because of technical problems.The classmate asked me how I came back. I said yellow, and they all sat on the ground with joy.”Li Naiwen also felt that he was” little back “at the time, but later he felt that these experiences were a fortune.” Especially in our business, the mentality of having fun at that time was difficult for children to understand.”Zhao Ziqi is a good friend and wine friend Zhao Ziqi plays Li Naiwen’s wife Shangguanhui in the play. The two have twisted and also worked together.” They have played dead rivals and couples.A handful.”Li Naiwen smiled and said that he and Zhao Ziqi are not only friends but also wine drinkers in their lives.””There are many clips in the play where I talked with Shangguanhui about drinking together. At this time, Zhao Ziqi will contribute her collection of good wine. When you give a drink to Ci’er, the emotion will be more in place.”Spiritual derailment” should find its own reason. The discussion about “spiritual derailment” of Lan Tianyu and Shangguanhui in the play also extended to the Internet.”I don’t have a final answer to such a problem. Every family and every couple has different problems.”For spiritual derailment, I think two people need to find their own reasons, what caused this situation.””We have changed our cooperation for the third time.” If the years can turn around, “this is the third cooperation between Li Naiwen, Jin Dong, and Li Zonghan.”We also want to avoid circumventing the inherent image of the character.I think we have all done it. After the broadcast, the three of us privately affirmed each other’s performances with shamelessness.”Fresh Q & A 1 Sauna Night Net: Although it is” If the years can turn around “, in fact, everyone’s life is irreversible. What kind of attitude do you have about the years that cannot turn back?  Li Naiwen: I have faced every road and every step I walked with gratitude, because everything you have traveled is a gift from heaven, good or bad.Looking back, it ‘s all wealth. You ca n’t learn anything from textbooks, movies, TV shows, or listening to others. Everyone ‘s life is different, and their gains are different.  2 Sauna Night Net: I have been engaged in performing arts for more than 20 years. What do you think is the biggest change and the one that has never changed?  Li Naiwen: The biggest change for me is the understanding of roles, which broadens my thinking.Looking back at the previous works, including my own and others, there are more angles that have not been seen before.What hasn’t changed is my determination to this profession.