This person is good,If you are not drunk,Maybe the discharge is also very attractive,But drunk has no self-control,A red face like a monkey butt with a pierced look,Men hate it。
“you know、How difficult is the fate of two strangers to meet?How many years do I have to practice hard before the Buddha before I can run into it??”That person’s voice is drunk,Also spitting alcohol,So the intonation is out of control,Let this sentence sound like a drunk talking about logic。
Xiao Xiao directly pulled at the table next to Chen Wenjin,Unexpectedly, a person at that table kicked quickly,The table moves back,Blocked the way,And said with a smile:“Where are the beauties??My brother asks you something!”
“No more。”Xiao Xiao dragged Chen Wenjin and walked back,Not wanting to waste words with drunks,Precious world time for two,She is even more reluctant to do something with Chen Wenjin。
Chen Wenjin knows Xiao Xiao’s mind,Even thinking about it,When I was young,I’m afraid I will only think about showing off,I don’t understand my girlfriend’s thoughts。
Xiao Xiao took it away,But one person ran quickly and blocked them in the middle of the table on the way back。
Chen Wenjin looks at the people standing around,Nine out of ten drunkenness is not light,Just whispered:“Get in the car first。”
He finished,Come forward suddenly,Grabbing the hair of the person in the way,Pull back quickly,The man bent over involuntarily,Dragged face forward,Still can’t keep up,I didn’t wait to hold Chen Wenjin’s hand backhand,I was dragged by the trend,Brought someone。
Xiao Xiao is not worried that Chen Wenjin will suffer,I saw him picking up the bench and knocking over a person on the side,I got in the car quickly。
Chen Wenjin swung the bench and knocked down a few,Smashed the table again to block people from rushing over,Time to turn around,Xiao Xiao has driven the car on the sidewalk,In front of him,Chen Wenjin turned around and waved the bench to push back the chasing crowd,Don’t wait to close when you get in the car,Xiao Xiao started and rushed forward。U9Ebook
Someone throws a table and bench behind,Didn’t hit the rear of the car。
Xiao Xiao glanced at the rearview mirror,Farther and farther away,After looking at Chen Wenjin again:“Will it be annoying to be with me?”
“The ancients called the country and the city,I don’t think it’s like you!The ancients can start a war for this,Now this era is not so chaotic,I’m so lucky to be born in this era,If it is in ancient times,The emperor wants to snatch you into the palace,We can only elope to Taoyuan。”Chen Wenjin thinks that too outstanding beauties will have different troubles at different times,The current times plus the times are easy to accompany violence,Inevitable。