Qin Feng said lightly,Although he retaliated against Liu Xuesheng this time,But how can it be just once?,It can only be regarded as a little interest first。
but,Where does Yang Yinyin mean this?,Heard this guy’s answer,Even stomped with anger。
“OK,You are so happy to ruin my birthday party,you,You guy is really good,Do you think this lady will help you in the future?。”
this time,Qin Feng just recovered,Seeing Yang Yinyin with an angry face hurriedly chased after him,Apologize quickly。
“Sorry,I was wrong to make trouble at your birthday party,But what I just said did not mean。”
Yang Yinyin did not speak,But still expressing the dissatisfaction in my heart。
Qin Feng is a little big,After all, he plans to rely on this Nizi to help stare at Liu Xuesheng in the future,Can’t offend now。
“How about this,To compensate for your loss this time,I can promise you a condition,of course,The premise is not to violate my bottom line。”
“Ok?A condition,You really
“of course,I used it to lie?”