Original title: The more the greater career needs to pioneering innovation (Wanghai Building, Interpretation of the Historical Experience of the Communist Struggle 7) Xi Jinping General Secretary pointed out that "innovation is a soul of a national progress, is a country with prosperity, and The most deeper national endowment of the Chinese nation. "The resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s 100-year-old achievements and historical experience", one of the ten historical experiences of "adhering to the pioneering and innovation" as part of the party’s 100-year struggle.

The resolution believes that the more great career, the more full of difficulties, the more you need hard work, the more you need to pioneering and innovate. 100 years ago, in the crisis of the Chinese nation, the Chinese Communist Party came into being. This is a big abroad.

With the birth of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese revolution is new. The 100-year journey of the Communist Party of China is a epic that is constantly innovating. In the face of new problems in the face, the Chinese Communist Party leads the hundreds of millions of people, the top, seeking, struggling to develop, forge ahead, continuously promoting theoretical innovation, practical innovation, institutional innovation, cultural innovation, and other innovations, dare to be the world, I have gone out of the way out of the past, and any difficulties can’t blocked the pace of the party and the people. Money, don’t have to be ancient; Zhou We are doing things, do not have to rush.

During the New Democratic Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party abandoned the central city of the Soviet Union, opened up a revolutionary road that surrounded by the city and armed for political power. After the founding of New China, the system of the people’s congress as a fundamental political system, which is great creation in the history of the Chinese people in the history of human political system.

After the reform and opening up, the Chinese Communist Party combines socialism and market economy, has created socialism with socialism, so that socialism shows powerful vitality and vitality; founding a special economic zone, developing open Shanghai Pudong, "introducing" " "

  Entering the new era, he attaches great importance to the development of innovation with Comrade Xi Jinping, proposes an innovative driving development strategy, and requires accelerating the construction of innovative countries, emphasizing innovation is the first motivation to lead the development, and is a strategic support for building a modern economic system. In various occasions such as scientist symposia, entrepreneurs symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized the importance of innovation in various places to investigate.

The 19th National Plenary Session first put "innovation" in "The Core of my country ‘s Modernization Construction".

  The new era of "self-confidence and self-improvement, and innovative innovation", the development of innovation is fruitful.

Theoretical innovation and the times, Xi Jinping’s new era is the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics is contemporary China Marxism, the 21st century Marxism, is the essence of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit, and realizes Marxist China’s new release.

Practical innovation is endless, from the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, to the construction of Xiongan New District, and then support Shenzhen construction of the first-characteristic socialism predetermined area, support the high-level reform and opening up of Pudong New Area to build a socialist modernization and leading the socialist modernization, support Zhejiang high quality development. Building a common prosperity demonstration area, successfully promoting a series of major reforms.

Institutional innovation steadily advances, basic institutional frameworks in various fields have basically established, and many fields achieve historical change, systemic reshaping, integrity reconstruction.

The cultural innovation is exciting, and the establishment of a strong party and national merit honor commendation system, set up a martyrs anniversary, deepening the creation of mass spiritual civilization, building a new era civilization practice center, and promoting the construction of big countries.

Science and technology innovation date, the technology is self-sufficient, self-sufficiency, and the strategic support of national development, promote key core technical research and independent innovation, quantum communication, artificial intelligence, 5G and "Shenzhou" "Zhu Rong" "Tiangong" "Taoizhen", etc. …… Only innovation, but the newcomers are strong, but only newers win.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is never easy to easily, and it can be realized.

We firmly believe that as long as it follows the trend of the times, responding to the people’s request, courage to promote reform, accurately change, scientific strain, active and change, never stagnation, you can create more people’s miracles.

  (The author is a commentator of this newspaper (responsible: Wan Peng, Liu Yuanyuan).