This newspaper (Reporter Leja) Beijing has an orderly and stabilized double-reduction work. In the Municipal Education Commission, the School Training Work Office is selected, and more than 200 residents are selected, and the resident liaison will contact all districts and enterprises.

At present, the pressure reduction rate of the unlicensed institution of the offline discipline is 98%. The original type of training institution is 60%; while carrying out the open online counseling of middle school teachers, covering the junior high school students in the city, and recruiting the reform in the middle school Reduce the burden. In terms of foreign training institution governance, Beijing has developed non-prepared retrial programs to break through the governance challenge.

Offline disciplines unlicensed mechanism pressure reduction rate is 98%, and the original three-type training institution is 60%, and 12 unlicensed institutions are dynamically clear. Taken more than 120 institutions, the multi-teacher post, fined more than 1.5 million yuan for many illegal enterprises, from strict and vigorously rectify the school training marketing chaos, municipal media, public places, etc. Training advertisement.

The institution should be returned to retreat, and the parents can properly resolve the refund of refunds through eligible, refund, and laws, etc.. Founded to the Office of Training Contradictory Dispute Responsive Medication Center for targeted treatment.

At the same time, I actively help the leading training institutions transition, measures to provide more than 220,000 posts to promote the re-employment of the teaching and training industry; formulate guidance of the rented work of discipline training institutions, helping the agencies through the difficulties. In the school teaching, Beijing continued to promote comprehensive reform of basic education. Strictly carry out teaching in accordance with the curriculum standard, insist on not superline, not marketed, not advanced teaching, layout, proposition examination, etc., resolutely stop the wind of the study. Comprehensively improve the quality of classroom teaching, the two-teacher classroom that is integrated under the online line, selects 200 pilot schools, and uses a two-dimensional classroom and discharged into the class.

In some areas, the major courses are carried out, some disciplines implement urban and suburban knots, share quality curriculum resources. Carry out the open online counseling of middle school teachers, covering the city’s junior high school students.

Continuously enrich the post-class service supply, design the post-class service and education teaching, overall, formulate implementation opinions, and make the compulsory education school full coverage, students full coverage, Monday to Friday time full coverage.

Actively develop the enrollment reform plan for the exam, and insist on the income and obligations of the recruitment of the recruitment reform. At the same time, according to the principles of the principles of the first teacher, the primary and secondary school, the principle of pursuing the pilot, the pilot promotion of the principal, the balance of the key teachers, and the ordinary teachers were put forward.