Why men are more shy in front of women

Men’s shyness often occurs in front of everyone, especially women.

This is because men often suffer from self and observe themselves from the outside. In other words, they often think about: what will others think of me?

What would she think of me?

And women are often easier to enter the self-centered emotional world, intoxicated, and can forget the surroundings when joy or sadness.

For example, when a husband walks with his pregnant wife in the park, the wife often looks proud, holding her belly as if to boast to others that she is going to be a real mother, and her joy is manifested directly, without addingcover up.

The man who is a husband is not. When others glance at them consciously or unintentionally, he will be embarrassed, because he guesses that those people will think that the wife’s big belly is not good, and they will think that the belly is their own.

The joy of a man is replaced by this anxiety, which manifests inexplicably “sorry”.

  Another reason why men are easily shy in front of women is that they try to make women feel good about themselves, at least they can’t be looked down upon.

Therefore, when women pay attention to them, they will panic and think that they have something to make a joke, so they can’t help revealing shame.

Leaders who understand the mentality of men sometimes occasionally insert several women into a group of men, so men will do better than before.

This is probably a piece of leadership art.

  In addition, there is another phenomenon. When some guys want to confess the love hidden in their hearts to the girl, they will feel blushing and heartbeat, but they are embarrassed to speak.

Why is this so?

One of the important reasons is that they are worried: “In case she refuses .” At this moment, the young man could not help reviewing the process of contact between the two. If the answer is positive, it indicates that the time is close to maturity.There should be no hesitation in expressing their wishes to the girl, directly or indirectly.