Thin people want to increase the fat should eat high-conversion low-fat food

The living conditions are good, the streets and alleys are full of advertisements for weight loss, and the women who pursue slimness also want to lose weight.

In the tide of weight loss, there are some thin people who are going against the tide and are clamoring for fattening, or fear that it is difficult to bring a sense of security to their wife and girlfriend, or hate the slogan such as bean sprouts and thin bamboo stalks.Expert’s method of fattening.

  Poor absorption function is suitable for eating small meals. I want to gain weight. How can I gain weight?

  The 26-year-old Zhang Hao (pseudonym) is 175 centimeters tall and weighs only 52.

5 kilograms, colleagues, friends old take him to open, let him be careful not to be blown away by the wind.

The girlfriend feels insecure and gave him a dead task every month: gaining 120 pounds.

  He started the fattening plan: eating 12 to 30 percent, catching burgers, fried chicken legs, and eating ice cream.

  Every month, not only did not have long flesh, but it caused a long mouth sore and diarrhea.

Helpless, he turned to Fu Sanxian, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of Zhengda First Affiliated Hospital.

  After examination, Zhang Hao did not have hyperthyroidism, diabetes, liver disease and other diseases that affect the body’s normal digestion and metabolism and lead to thin body.

But he is prone to diarrhea, and it is common for two stools a day.

  ”The reason for your weight loss is probably that the digestion and absorption function is poor. In order to gain weight and overeating, it will definitely increase the burden on the stomach. This is why there is no diarrhea.

“Fu Sanxian suggested that you want to gain weight, you can not increase the dose, just adjust the diet.

  There is also a class of people who have no disease problems, but they are not fat, which may be due to high basal metabolism.

“A certain person’s body is immune, toxic, and the function of the digestive tract is normal, but the energy consumption is faster than others.

Sitting is more energy than standing and standing.

Fu Sanxian said that if a person eats a normal diet, he or she will not be able to meet the daily energy consumption needs, and even consume the energy stored in the body, which will inevitably lead to leanness.

  Such people need to appropriately increase some high-transition foods on the basis of reasonable expectations.

  When you hear this, you may want to calculate: After that, I eat two fried chicken legs and other big foods every day!

  If you think this way, you will be mistaken, fried, crushed, fat and other foods, alternating large, high levels of traces, such as excessive intake of traces, may cause high blood pressure, diabetes and other rich diseases; especially on the streetsMost foods are repeatedly fried, which may cause harmful substances to the body, even carcinogens.

  Thin people want to increase the fertilizer should eat more high-conversion and low-fat foods. What is Dongdong’s high conversion and low feces?

  “The simplest thing to provide high content and low feces is carbohydrates, which are rice, noodles and other staple foods.

If you want to gain weight on the basis of the original diet, on the basis of the original diet, eat 1-2 staple foods per meal, or add a meal, so that you can absorb a lot every day, and the metabolic metabolism is slowly in the body.Accumulation, weight will increase.

  Genetic factors can also cause people to be thin. In this case, you don’t have to change the diet structure, but you need to balance the diet, ensure the nature of the food, not partial eclipse, not picky eaters.

Usually in the 30s and 40s, the weight can reach the expected requirements.