Indians say that “parasite” plagiarism is afraid that the drunkard’s intention is not to drink
Indian filmmaker PL Tenapan said, “Although I haven’t seen” Parasite “,” Parasite “did get inspiration from his own film.But I am also happy that the film “Parasite”, based on the story we wrote 20 years ago, won an Oscar. “>>> Indian producers want to sue “Parasites” for plagiarism: They took my core plot legally, although the film “Parasites” is a Korean film, and the filmmaker PL is an Indian, this “suspect”The case of infringement is not under the jurisdiction of Chinese law, so it seems unnecessary to interpret whether there is a plagiarism relationship between Parasite and Minsara Kanna through Chinese law.But from the perspective of plagiarism and imitators, is it really possible to copy Indian films?”Parasite” stills, parasitic on the family of the rich.On the surface, “Minsara Kanna” tells the story of a man who conceals his identity in order to fight for love, and works as a bodyguard in a wealthy lover’s house; and “Parasite” tells the story of a family of unemployed nomads working in a rich family.In PL’s view, there is a “core plot” in his movie, that is, the story of the poor working and living together in a rich family, so there is a plagiarism relationship between the two.In the field of literary research, there is a concept called “Motif”, that is, the same type of theme, characters, and story plots appear repeatedly in various stories, which is a bridge segment that will be adopted in genre stories.For example, for the motif of “Revenge”, there can be either “The Orphan of Zhao Family” or “The Legend of Shooting Heroes”.In film theory, there is also a “genre film”.For example, “soul swap” movies can be either “Hot Mom and Hot Girl” or “The Guy in My Body”.Although the films are similar in story structure, we cannot assume that there is a plagiarism relationship between these films because of the same story structure.It is precisely because of the emergence of many stories that there have been a large number of universal genre expressions. Therefore, on the level of determining that there is a plagiarism relationship in movies, the judicial approach is often similar to the way we study texts in the student era, that is, from the center of film expressionThoughts, whether there are basically similar movie pictures, similar bridges, and the order in setting contradictions and conflicts are comprehensively identified.Therefore, when we are talking about film plagiarism, we can say that the story has a plagiarism relationship in a certain series of consecutive pictures and plot settings, but not as PL pointed out, “Parasitics” plagiarized the “core” in his movie.”Plot”, even further said that even the writer of “Parasite” really got inspiration from the movie “Minsara Kanna”, but as long as he tells a completely different story, it does not constitute plagiarism.Of course, instead of plagiarizing “Parasites”, we might reasonably doubt the intention behind the producer PL.After all, in judicial activities, many times the prosecution of both parties is “the drunkard’s intention is not to drink”, it may be the real purpose of PL.□ Tian Chen (legal worker) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Ming