After Wu Zun reads Kobe’s Thoughts, he will post: Want to go back to the basketball court
Wu Zun and Kobe were on the same stage at an event held by a certain brand.Sauna Night News February 25, Wu Zun published an article on Weibo to commemorate the idol Kobe Bryant, he filled in the text: “This morning I watched the Kobe gigi retrospective, kept crying, and saw me from an early age.The adored Jordan cried. Like Kobe, Jordan gave us a lot of power in life. Before, Jordan’s retirement also made me leave basketball. Now, Kobe’s departure inspired me to want to return to the court again. I am very grateful for my life.There are two of them appearing, Jordan said in his speech, “Live in the moment!(Living in the moment) “Have a good life, take good care of our planet, cherish it well, everyone cheer.”In 2011, Wu Zun was on the same stage as Kobe Bryant in a star basketball show held by a beverage brand in Shanghai.At that time, Jay Chou, Lin Junjie, Lin Yichen, Zhang Liangying and many other artists were also on the scene.For details, see the topic: A Praise of Life, Gradually Reading Wu Dongni, Editor of Kobe Sauna Night Network