“Back to adults,People from several other units have already acted,Just miss our batch。”
“it is good,We also set off,Surprise the Yun Family。”There was a hot light in the man’s eyes,The longing for a better life in the voice。
A man in black appeared on the roof,Watching the people standing neatly in the yard。
Someone discovered the existence of the black robe man,Everyone immediately became nervous,Various weapons aimed at the roof。
Centenary man turned around,He can’t be sure who that person is,If it’s not seen,I don’t even know when the other person appeared here。
Because he can’t feel the other person’s breath!
“who are you?”
“me?”Xia Chenglong asks and answers,“Who came to take your lives!”
broad daylight,Someone dared to speak so loudly,it’s here,Except for their owner,I’m afraid no one is waiting without such strength。
“it is good,very good,Kill me!”The scorer is not nonsense,Sneered a second ago,Directly issue the command later。
If the opponent is not from the opposite side,Xia Chenglong is happy to accept each other,After all, there are very few decisive people now。
At the moment the other party ordered,The guys in the courtyard took up the hot weapons in their hands,Started shooting frantically towards the roof,As the top work of modern alchemy,Automatic***Does have a lot of lethality。
Especially their bullets are all improved,Can break the spiritual defense to a certain extent。
It’s a pity that they met Xia Chenglong,So these things are no different from the raindrops in his eyes。
An instant,Those bullets flying in the air seem to have stopped,The world here turns to ink,Create an interesting picture with the scared expressions of the men in the courtyard。