Urban men’s precise skin care from all aspects

For men, simple, direct and effective products have gained their favor.

Correct your skin care deviations from your daily routine and develop the habit of accurate care.

Choose the right type of product to achieve accurate skin care from all aspects.

  0 points for “Never”, 1 point for “Sometimes”, 2 points for “Often”, and 3 points for “Always”.


Do not wash your face in the morning. Rinse with water at most, and do not want to apply skin care products2.

Because of busy work, drink no more than 500cc of water a day and dry skin.

Work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, or work outdoors, dry and peel 4.

Suffering from acne problems, there are many acne in the body, severe oily skin5.

I like outdoor sports, don’t remember to apply sunscreen, the skin has fine lines and stains, and the skin is rough6.

I often touched my skin with my hand, the texture of the skin was not clear, it was not smooth, and I was slightly tired.

Only wash your face roughly when shaving and do not carefully choose a cleansing product8.

It’s myopia, narrowing your eyes to see things, or naturally smiling, with heavy expression lines9.

I have been using a face wash product for many years, and the skin will not change after washing?
3 points: Have better maintenance habits. Skin is slightly dry and stained.

However, you have good personal maintenance habits and a happy mentality, but there are only a few bad cosmetic habits and inappropriate use of products.

It is recommended to choose efficient nursing products for in-depth, professional repair and improvement.

Examples include creams, masks, and sunscreens.

  Dryness is really bad: the metabolism slows down, the metabolism slows down, the speed of blood flow will also slow down, and the moisture brought to the surface layer of the skin will naturally decrease.

It is recommended to use an essence cream or sunscreen to allow more nutrients to enter the dermis with small molecules, directly to the skin problems, and improve metabolism.

  Biotherm Men’s Brightening Essence Cream RMB550 / 50ML: The source repels melanin, prevents the formation of pigmentation, and the skin is translucent and shiny.

The skin is improved layer by layer, the skin is healthy and smooth, and exudes charming natural luster.

  Lancaster White Essence Sunscreen SPF30 RMB860 / 50ml: Protects the dermis and epidermis from UV rays.

UVA, UVB filter layer can achieve maximum protection.

  Shiseido Superior Repair Cream RMB520 / 50ml (from Lane Crawford): Improves the skin’s own function, and achieves vitality and vitality, high-performance, multi-functional superior repair cream.

  Pigmentation is really fierce: pigmentation occurs on dull acne-prone skin caused by dryness, which causes pigmentation.

Dryness can also cause dull, dull skin.

It is important to make your skin white and hydrated. Moisture can better absorb the whitening ingredients. At this time, a whitening mask can soothe the skin and hydrate and whiten the skin.

  L’Oreal Paris Men’s Brightening Lotion SPF15 PA + 100 yuan / 50ml: Developed for tiredness, dullness and sagging contours. Vitamin C is known for promoting skin translucency and resisting dullness.

  FANCL Whitening and Freckle Essence Mask RMB160 Sanggen Whitening Essence penetrates through the high-density fiber mask, effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, helps the skin to yellow and whiten.

  Biotherm Men’s Brightening Toner RMB380 / 200ML: fast absorption, emulsion-like transparent brings freshness and refreshing after cleansing.

Skin is cleaner, smoother and more transparent.

9 points: Need to cultivate correct skin care habits. Skin has aging and spots, and the surface is dry, not delicate, and not firm.

You also want to care for the skin, but you have developed a lot of bad habits, and even a little disfigurement. It is recommended to start with skin care products carefully.

For example: moisturizing lotion, repair cream, whitening freckle essence.

  The real dryness: the production of sebum film is slowed down. Sebum film is a natural protective film for the skin.

Reduced sebum production does not form enough sebum film to hold moisture in the skin.
It is recommended to use a moisturizing lotion with a good absorption rate and a targeted repair cream.

  Biotherm Men’s Intensive Moisturizing Lotion RMB450 / 75ml: Biotherm Men’s Intensive Moisturizing Lotion RMB450 / 75ml: Biotherm Men’s Special Series Town Treasure, which focuses on hydrating, is expensive to store and lock water, and makes the skin long-lasting and moisturizing.
  The aging is really bad: without UV protection, normal skin will turn red under the sun, and then it will form spots and aging.

If you feel that your skin has adequate heat dissipation, choose SPF30 sunscreen to improve it.

It is more effective to use a sunscreen with whitening serum containing vitamin C at night.

Vitamin C products must be used at night to avoid chemical reactions during the day with sunlight, which will cause pigmentation.

  FANCL Whitening and Freckle Essence RMB230 / 18ml: a continuous vitamin C inducer, combined with AC White, a whitening essence, added SVCT Whitening Essence to enhance and dilute melanin.

  Bedmaxiyan High Performance Oil Control Sun Spray SPF30 RMB388 / 100ml: It can effectively save the number of Langerhans cells, keep the skin immune system functioning normally, and resist the invasion of UV rays.

  10 points or more: Serious lack of maintenance concept The skin is dry, not hydrated, loose and inelastic.

As for skin care, you are just dispensable. In fact, face is important for social and men in the workplace. Take good care of your face and develop good skin care and makeup habits to make yourself more outstanding.

It is recommended that starting from basic skin care products this season, there will be very good results.

  The real dryness is: the moisture in the stratum corneum is reduced, and the moisture in the stratum corneum is also lost quickly.

Choosing a “creamy” cleanser is an important alternative to keeping your skin clean and moisturizing.

If your skin feels tight after washing, you need to quickly adjust the cleanser.

  Biotherm Men’s Brightening Cleansing Foam RMB280 / 100ML: Creamy thick foam thoroughly cleans excess oil, deeply cleanses the skin, and removes old dead horny cells with melanin cells.

  Relaxation is really fierce: lack of moisturizing, dry skin, plus no use of moisturizing products for a long time to protect, expression lines, fine lines into real wrinkles may be greatly enhanced.

The 2 essential moisturizing products are not excessive. Moisturizing is an ultra-basic care product that can help the skin to obtain the necessary moisture and nutrition, and reduce the relaxation caused by dryness.

  Bedma Water Moisturizing Day Cream RMB438 / 40ml: Moisturizes dry skin in real time, improves moisturizing ability, deeply locks water, keeps skin moisturized, clean, fresh, natural, soft and comfortable

  Relaxation is fierce: Sun protection is not enough to go out often, exercise, causing a lot of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, elastic fibers break, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Sunscreen is a product that men must use. It can prevent skin aging. Spray is more suitable for men because it is too much and it is not greasy to use.

  Biotherm Men’s Sun Sports Spray SPF15 300 Yuan / 125ml is light and thin, suitable for use anytime, anywhere, with a low magnification index, it is the most suitable for sun protection supplement at any time during exercise.

  Men’s sunscreen special reminders: 1. Before summer, buy a new bottle of sunscreen, don’t use the rest of last year, because the sunscreen effect of sunscreen is usually only one year, and it has not expired, and the sunscreen effect has been greatly reduced.

  2. Before going out?
For 30 minutes, apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. If you are outdoors, apply it every two hours.

  3. If you are accidentally burned by the sun when going out, you need to take timely repair care, apply some post-sun repair cream, or use aloe vera gel for post-sun care.