Original title: [Cautiously do the beginning of the normalization of normalized epidemic prevention] Taiyuan Epidemic Prevention and Control Office Tips: Domestic High-risk Zone Travel Works must be reported on December 6th, Taiyuan New Crown Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control leadership The group office tips, currently in China’s existing medium and high-risk zones, there are high-risk zone travelers to return and need to be reported.

  On December 3, the nucleic acid detection of nucleic acid detection of inbound isolation venue in Guangzhou Baiyun District. On December 5th, the three cases of Ningbo Town, Zhejiang Province were reported to detect positive. Anxi Xixi County, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, and Nanning City, Guangxi Province, 1 illegal immigration personnel new crown virus nucleic acid detection positive. In order to effectively prevent the entry risk of new crown pneumonia, Taiyuan City Epidemic Prevention and Control Office Tips: Please have Guangzhou, Guangzhou, since November 21, with Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, since December 3, Since December 3, there have been Guangxi Nanning City People, Chongzuo City and Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, took the initiative to report to the community (village), the unit, the hotel, lived, and actively cooperated with 7-day home isolation medical observation measures.

  All kinds of public places, institutions enterprises and institutions must strictly implement exemption prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, measure temperate, and check health code and stroke cards. We must conscientiously perform the subject’s responsibility, and conduct a comprehensive exploration of all people in nearly 14 days, and report to the community and strictly implement health management measures to the community in time and its local market travel history staff. Ask the general public to not go to the city of the high-risk area and the city where there is a case report. If you must go, you must do your personal protection throughout the process, and then implement the isolation medical observation according to the regulations.

Other cross-provincial travelers returned, actively conduct nucleic acid detection and do personal health monitoring. Personnel who have caused serious consequences for hidden travelers will be held accountable according to law. The general public should maintain good personal health habits, do good personal protection, properly wear masks, hard work, often ventilated, do not gather, take the new championship. (Reporter Cao Xiujuan).