Yoga food packages that will keep you young

Why do most women practice yoga?

For beauty!

for health!

For youth!

But what is your dinner after practice?

Has it affected the increasing effect?

Come on, here are some more delicious food packages that will keep you young.

  Gourmet Western-style set meal (total calories 943kcal) Beverage: Light and salty skim milk Staple: 2 pieces of salty square pack to replace and restore physical strength.

  Main course: Indian-style Western-style chop soup: Longhuang soup Salad: In addition to supplementation, protein and calcium, it can also neutralize acidic metabolites in the body after exercise to help eliminate excess substances in the body.

  Gourmet Chinese-style set meal (Total 768kcal) Drinks: Youth Beauty Tea Main Food: Rice-flavored Rice Cold Dishes: Special Cold Fungus Main Dishes: Indian Style Potato Chicken Stew, Fresh Steamed Fish Maw, Garlic Braised Cabbage Soup: Emerald Soup Fruit: This set of fruit platter can add a lot of protein and vitamins, has the effect of reducing fat, reducing fatigue, restoring physical strength and so on.

  how about it?

Chinese and Western yoga beauty meals are available to satisfy different tastes.

Come and try it.