China successfully launched the 54th Beidou navigation satellite
Allegedly, CCTV News reported that at 19:55 today (9th), the Changzheng 3B carrier rocket was usually used at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center to successfully launch the 54th navigation satellite of Beidou System.Photography: Guo Wenbin satellite successfully entered the scheduled orbit, and will be followed by orbit change, on-orbit test, test evaluation, and timely access to the network to provide services.In May, the last geostationary satellite will be launched as planned.By then, the deployment of the Beidou-3 global constellation will be completed.The construction of Beidou system has gone through three stages of Beidou No.1 system, Beidou No.2 system and Beidou No.3 system successively.At present, all four test satellites of Beidou-1 have been retired.Counting from the first star of Beidou-2, 54 Beidou navigation satellites have been previously launched.The Beidou-3 system is composed of 24 medium-circle earth orbit satellites, 3 geostationary orbit satellites and 3 tilted geostationary orbit satellites, a total of 30 satellites.This launch is the 29th networking satellite. This type of satellite plays a key role in satellite-based enhancements, short message communications, and precision single-point positioning services.Editor Yang Li Source: CCTV News