Impact Oscar!”1917″ won the best drama film of the American Producers Association
Sauna Night News January 19, the winners of the 31st PGA Awards were announced.”1917″ won the best drama, “Toy Story 4″ won the best parallel.”Apollo 11” defeated “American Factory” and won the best documentary, while “Apollo 11” was nominated for this year’s Oscar best record.The American Producers ‘Guild Awards (PGA) is an important indicator of Oscar’s best films. In the last 30 years, the Best Producers’ Awards of the American Producers ‘Guild Awards coincided with the Oscars’ best films 21 times.From this point of view, “1917” is one step closer to the best Oscar film.”1917″ has officially announced that it will be introduced to the mainland of China, but the specific schedule has yet to be announced.Some of the winners are as follows: Best Drama: “1917” Best Director: “Toy Story 4” Best Documentary: “Apollo 11” Stanley Kramer Award: “Sexy Bomb” Best Drama Series: Best Comedy Series in “The Battle of Inheritance”: Best Limited Series in “London Life”: Best Television Movie in “Chernobyl”: Xu Ailin, Editor of Sauna Night Net Editor, “Apollo: Mission to the Moon” Proofreading GuoBenefit