Chapter five hundred and six Qin FengVSLohill Patriarch
The helicopter exploded in everyone’s eyes。Turned into a pile of debris!
Draxler’s open mouth never closed,Because he feels that this scene is beyond his own perception。This is not something human can do?
Is the person in front of me a human or a ghost??
“Mr. Qin Feng,Have something to say。There is no need to fight and kill,Really unnecessary!”Watching Qin Feng approach him,Draxler’s heartbeat speeds up。
Although he is already forty years old。But this is the first time I feel that death is so close to me。
“The exact location of your family。Speak,I might still save you。otherwise,You can only die!”
“This one.”
“Military division save me!”Draxler found that there was still another strategist who hadn’t fallen,I heard that the military division is unparalleled,Maybe we can save him at this time?
Draxler just finished shouting,Then he was stunned。Because he discovered that the military division was also taken care of by Qin Feng。It’s a chill in his heart at this time。