On November 15th, Zhang Hongxing, Vice Governor, adjusted the business and trade logistics industry chain in Nanchang.

  Zhang Hongxing has come to the port of Xiangtang, and Jingdong Asia No.1 Nanchang Xiangtang Logistics Park, Nanchang Railway Port II, Nanchang Xiangtang International Luang Exhibition Hall, Huang Shanghuang Cold Chain Logistics Trading Center, detailed inquiry project advancement The situation, listening carefully to the relevant corporate demands, encouraging companies to do strong, accelerating the function of supply chain service platform, contributing to the improvement and efficiency of the province’s commercial logistics industry chain. Zhang Hongxing requested the three-level strengthening of the provincial and cities and counties to strengthen coordination, and strive to create a good development environment for business logistics enterprises and enhance corporate development confidence. It is necessary to seriously combine the difficulties and problems encountered by trade logistics enterprises in terms of land, infrastructure, etc., and implement responsibilities, and actively coordinate. Zhang Hongxing emphasized that the long-term work of the commercial logistics industry chain, vigorously developing modern logistics industries, is the need to improve the competitiveness of the industry, and the new advantages of modern industries is also a "double cycle", activate the requirements of new development kinetic energy. Nanchang Xiangtang International Lu Port is an important logistics node and cargo distribution ground in Jiangxi and even the central area. It is necessary to strengthen the port function, fully improve the "iron, public, water, empty" four-in-one transportation hub capacity, speed up manufacturing, service industry industry agglomeration , Build a industrial ecosystem, play a good economic engine. (Reporter Liu Jiahui) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Sharing more people see.