Sitting in a wheelchair,Then Qiangwei pushed Xin Zhao out,As for why it wasn’t Lena pushing,This is a long, long story。
But one sentence can be summarized,That is‘Senior officials crushed to death!’
Lena is the captain of the company,And Qiangwei is just the team leader,Now the captain of course commands the captain to do things,Is there any doubt about this!
The tyranny of Rena,Qiangwei resisted for three seconds,And was ruthlessly suppressed。
As for Xin Zhao,Just get out,Don’t think too much。
I’ve been holding back for more than ten days,Xin Zhao hopes to go out and blow the sea breeze,Then enjoy the high tide,Watch the moon rise and the moon set,Enjoy the beauty of the world。
of course,All this must be done low-key。
Now Xin Zhao is really afraid of Lena’s brain cramp,And then throw him back in the ward。
This idea,He certainly won’t let Rena know,Because after she knew it,I’ll definitely hit myself hard。
To this,Xin Zhao has no doubt。
Looking at the door from far and near,Xin Zhao feels like a bird slowly escaping the cage,The blue sky can’t stop him,free,I’m coming!
at this time,Of course Qiangwei didn’t do anything wrong,And Lena also quietly followed behind,Where Xin Zhao and Qiangwei can’t notice,Lena’s eyes are full of fatigue,The look in Xin Zhao’s eyes is also a bit complicated。
I walked unimpeded all the way to the guardrail of the deck,Xin Zhao looks at the blue sea,I feel like crying。