Microwave cooking of Chinese medicinal herbs

It is best not to use the microwave for frying Chinese medicine.

There are three reasons for this: the deterioration of medicinal materials: The heating principle of microwave ovens is that microwaves act on food, transforming internal molecules to generate vibrations and generate heat.

When the traditional Chinese medicine is fried in a microwave oven, the molecules inside the medicinal material are shaken to generate heat, and the medicinal material molecules are destroyed and deteriorated, which loses benefits.

  There are different methods of decoction: the particle size and properties of traditional Chinese medicines are often significantly different. Therefore, the method or time of decoction is often different.

The decoction container is usually covered. If it is difficult to know when the traditional Chinese medicine is boiled in a microwave oven, if the added water is sufficient, it is not convenient to stir the traditional Chinese medicine during the decoction process.

  It is difficult to grasp the heat and time: the decoction pays attention to the heat, if the microwave is used to decoction, the heat and time are difficult to grasp.

To cook Chinese medicine, first boil over high heat, then turn to low heat for 15-20 minutes.

Different medicine decoction time is different.

Because the traditional Chinese medicine is cooked on a slow fire, the principle of microwave oven heating is from the inside to the outside, and the medical effect of the traditional Chinese medicine cannot be reflected.