On August 26th, the Office of the Party Group Party History of China Meteorological Bureau issued a notice to carry out the "people’s first, life-supreme" theme practice activities in the national forecraft team, and accompanied the implementation plan to motivate the majority of forecasters to inherit the red gene. Increased forecast accuracy and early warning, and promote the depth of party building and forecast business. Since this year, extreme heavy rain, cold wave, drought, sandstorm, short-term strong precipitation, dragon rolls, etc.

The majority of forecasters have completed their tasks and duty in the complex weather process and major activity meteorological support services, and have completed various tasks, accurate and timely forecasting warnings provide a scientific decision-making basis for the deployment of disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief work at all levels. It fully exerts the first line of fire in meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation.

At present, extreme weather events frequently retransmit new challenges to meteorological forecasting services, and make precision forecasts are related to social development and national planning, major, and glory. The Chinese Meteorological Bureau launched this theme practice activity, and it is an important measure to further promote the practice of meteorological system "I do practical things for the masses", aim to put the party’s history, good, carry forward, and encourage foresequators to practice " People’s first, life first "concept, constantly enhance responsibility awareness and overall consciousness, stimulate the spirit of the universities of the official, enhance the enthusiasm and creativity of the performance, and continuously improve the precision forecast warning ability.

The program is deployed from five aspects. First, combined with the actual deepening of party history education. The general predictor of the meteorological department should learn to learn from General Secretary of Xi Jinping in the Party History and Mobilization Conference and the important speech at the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, conscientiously study and implement the important instructions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on disaster prevention and mitigation disaster relief. The spirit of the instructions, in the tempering party, serving the people, and promoting the development of the development.

The second is to carry out conservation suggestions for forecasting work.

The aim of "improving the accuracy and early warning time" is the topic of the national meteorological staff.

Summary Summary to Mobilize the Positive and Creative Countermeasures and Recommendations of Forecasts, and the research has developed initiatives and mechanisms that are conducive to the growth and development of forecasters, and effectively promote the personal growth and team of forecasters. The third is to strengthen forecast business technology exchange. Organize the construction of the 100th anniversary of the party and the first-line forecasting of Henan Talents, guiding and motivating the majority of forecasters will integrate "small me" into the development of meteorological cause in the daily work. "

The technical lectures of meteorological forecasting are carried out, inspiring the majority of forecasters to better grasp and control modern meteorological forecasting technology, and promote the high quality development of forecasting business. The fourth is to promote the construction and transformation of forecasting team. Give full play to the national talents and resource advantages, concentrate on breakthrough cores and key technical problems of restricting forecasting business; build special research teams, steadily promote the promotion of provincial meteorological forecasts; promote grassroots forecasting to comprehensive forecasts to integrated forecasting, Continuously enhance the city county-level disaster weather monitoring warning capabilities.

The fifth is to choose a tree and vigorously propaganda predictors as an advanced typical.

Establishing Party Members’ First Padang, Responsible Zone, Selection Tree and Vigorously Propaganden Prerequisites in Predict Service First Lines, Giving Playing Typical Demonstration, Driving and affecting Meteorological Systems More Professional and Technical Fields Actively Participate in Post-successment Action.

In addition, the program puts forward the work requirements. Strengthen organization leadership.

Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously perform political responsibility, strengthen responsibility, and effectively strengthen organizational leaders, highly attach great importance to and carefully plan this event.

Leading cadres should take the lead in learning, take the lead in participating, walk in the forefront, when a good appearance is, and actually play a "key minority" role.

To establish a sound system mechanism, let the forecaster feel the warmth of the party’s care and organization. Do a good job in promotion. Meteorological departments at all levels should promote the promotion of party spirit and business capabilities as an important starter and specific initiatives of the important instructions of General Secretary General Secretary, and the key links to promote meteorological modernization. It is necessary to recommend excellent deeds and advanced models of excellent forecasters through various platforms, and guide the majority of forecasters to work together.

Ensure effectiveness.

It is necessary to summarize the fresh experience formed in the promotion practice, and promote the activities in depth, forming the activities of the event, forming the focus of party organizations at all levels, the majority of forecasters active action, the whole system will plan, the people get a good situation of high-quality and efficient weather forecasting services . (Contributed: China Meteorological Newspaper.