For Gree’s performance?Dong Mingzhu will live show
Dong Mingzhu is about to bring goods!On the evening of April 23rd, Gree Electric ‘s official WeChat public account announced that at 8 pm on April 24th, Dong Mingzhu wanted to broadcast his first show, “Personally take you to visit the Gree Technology Exhibition Hall and introduce you to the special electrical appliances in the exhibition hall.Can get the same paragraph of Dong Dong in the live broadcast!”Recently, all walks of life have joined the emerging industry, whether officials or celebrities have also become anchors.Recently Luo Yonghao and Li Xiaolu have become popular anchors.This time, Dong Mingzhu, known as the “Queen of Sales”, officially joined the ranks.Obviously, due to the recent epidemic, the home appliance industry has been hit hard.Aowei Cloud’s total data show that the overall retail sales of white power in the first quarter fell by about 45%.The scale of Q1 air-conditioning industry in 2020 is 149.2 trillion, down 58 a year.1%; the entire air-conditioning market industry is sluggish, with severe sales.”In February, our sales data was almost 0, which meant a loss of 20 billion, and the industry as a whole faced such difficulties.At the end of March, Gree Electric Chairman and President Dong Mingzhu said in an exclusive interview with CCTV Finance.In fact, Gree Electric released the first quarter of 2020 performance forecast, showing total operating income of 20.7 billion to 22.9 billion US dollars, compared with 41 billion in the same period last year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.3ppm–17.1 trillion, a year-on-year decline of 70% -77%.Sauna, Ye Wang, Chen Weicheng, editor Li Weijia to deal with Chun Leng