Forget it,Since I don’t understand,Then just ask yourself。
“Yoona,What did you say?”Xiao Fan pretended to ask casually。
He doesn’t want to be too obvious,Because Lin Yoona is very sensitive at first,If he cares too much,So I guess Lin Yoona will think more, right?。
Lin Yun’er really didn’t notice anything wrong with Xiao Fan,So I withdrew my gaze,Smiled and said to Xiao Fan:“It’s nothing,I just feel like I saw an acquaintance,but,I should be wrong!”
“You haven’t confirmed yet,Why do you think you have read it wrong??”Xiao Fan asked with a smile。
“Because she has disappeared for seven full years,and,In these seven years,No matter how i find,Can’t find her,So I should be wrong。”Lin Yuner said with a little disappointment。
Chapter six hundred and fifty four past
Lin Yaqing who was still pretending to be asleep also couldn’t help but tremble。
She really didn’t expect,Lin Yuner was actually in the seven years since she disappeared,Really found her。
Her heart was still cold,It seems that there is so much warmth。
original,There are still people in this world who still care about themselves so much。