Project, a hard word, is also a high-quality bone with high quality development. Special years, more need to capture the project "Strong bones" and run the investment "acceleration" and provide a bottom gas and power for the high quality development of the city. From July to September this year, Chengdu has carried out three months of project attracting action. When entering the "payment", Chengdu held the "Chengdu Project to attract the Action Summary Act on Chengdu", and took out a heavy transcript – 497 major project signed registration, investment volume reached 867.1 billion yuan, year-on-year Growth, including Alibaba digital ecological base, Shanghai Shitai to new energy battery material manufacturing, 28 billion-level major projects and a number of major support, strategic projects. A transcript, witness a realistic dried.

A transcript, verify a thought consensus. This round of powerful, "Corps Competition" project is attracted to attack the action, and the wind is gains, and the high-quality development growth and power source for Chengdu has accelerated the construction of high quality development.

Holding a summary exchange meeting, summarizing experience in a timely manner, strengthening exchange learning, is to better rush forward, and constantly "energy storage" for urban development. The project will first solve the problem of "what".

The new development concept guides high-quality development, and the project is recently passed "," caught the basket is a season ". High quality development stage "What is"? You must deepen your understanding and form a consensus.

The competition of regional economies enters the competition stage of urban agglomeration, and its competition focuses more about the competition of industrial ecology, where the industrial ecology is better, and the enterprise and project "flow" where.

Since the 13th Party Congress of the Municipality The process of solving "what" is the process of conjugating ideological consensus. After seven special conferences in the industrial function area, Chengdu has deepened the consensus of the construction of industrial function districts, and the pace of the forerunner is more impressive, and the postman’s footsteps are closely keys to.

This is clearly reflected in the project to attract the attack. 14 industrial ecology in the city must rely on the 66 industrial function districts to carry out strong chains. A project that is in line with the industrial function area is the main start of the strong chain. Data show that the project is attracted to attack the campaign, there have been 426 registration items in 14 industrial ecotries, accounting for a total of total. Among them, intelligent manufacturing, literary sports, modern commerce, electronic information, medical health industry ecotry circle new signing project number is ranked; signing registration project% settled in the industrial function area.

In a three-month attack, it enhances the competitive advantage of Chengdu in industrial supporting and elements in the industry. Such as high-tech zone attracting two billion-level projects – total investment of 10 billion yuan in the Three Gorges Group Sichuan Energy Investment Headquarters project and total investment of 12 billion yuan in Liandong U Valley Future Technology Industrial Park Project (Liandong U Valley has been 9 consecutive The first year of "China Industrial Park brand value list" will significantly enhance the strength of Chengdu clean energy and electronics industry and improve the operation level of the Western (Chengdu) Science City Park.

Industrial ribs are misplaced, and the other advantage is also reflected in the attacking action.

Due to the overall "playing chess", it reduces the internal consumption of district counties in the project attraction, enhances the effectiveness of investment, and exchanges the development situation of win-win.

The project is compensated to solve the problem of "introducing".

At present, the project is attracted to industrial upgrading, new economy’s industrial opportunities, and also facing fierce competition in the country. How do Chengdu stood out in the market in the national investment? In addition to the advantages of solid industrial foundation and vast market hinterland, the project is characterized in a distinctive Chengdu characteristic.

The scientific development ideas give competitiveness. Chengdu has a strong chain of industrial functional districts, regularly releases the list of urban opportunities, updated industries and talent policies, etc. I have formed "What" I need "" What "can provide" clear and chain complete industrial development ideas, Foreign business needs, exchanged enterprise investment echo. Escisten to "Kumen Investment" into competitiveness.

Chengdu is built around the industrial function area, especially the establishment of key enterprises and supporting enterprises, which helps to achieve high efficiency.

Three months, Chengdu, accumulated 8,471 enterprises (times), completed 1,500 tasks with "six types of top 500" enterprises and key target companies. In the attack, it is a team of more than 400 people in Wuhou District, and relying on foreign investment in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other foreign investment power. Going to the outside world to visit more than 50, and meets the key target enterprises to visit. More than 100. The city is desire for the manufacturing project of the new energy battery material materials for Shitai.

In order to strive for this project, the city selection of the investment backbone to the Shanghai Headquarters to squat, with the former service, after more than 70 days of fighting, eventually stream this billion project.

"San Gu Mao" investment, showing Chengdu attitude, Chengdu is determined.

The professional talent team ensures combat power. In the attack, all localities have set up a project investment to attack the team, accelerate the cultivation of a compound of composite investment in the economy, talks, and good communication. There is also the regional county to adhere to the combination of professional investment teams and national investment, and maximize excavation potential and receive effectiveness in the attack. All places pay attention to the first line of investment, the construction of the first-line discovery is selected to select the cadre, who has the skills, who can do anyone, form the incentive cadres and work, good as the employee, and can get a thing. The key to recruiting the failure of the project is to solve the problem of "service service". Registration from the project sign, to the construction, and then to the completion and put into production, government affairs services are fully covered.

Among them, it is the most important thing for the top prostitute, and it is also the most core content of "service service". A "speed and passion" built in the project, in the Jinniu District, in full swing: 1 month to realize the legal iron, China and China’s 500 top 500 enterprises, 2 months, Haier Yingkang signed the contract to start … " Behind Chengdu speed "is constantly refreshing, it is the high efficiency service and solid guarantee of the government. The Jinniu District constructs "planning packaging – attracting land – projects – projects – Invest production" full cycle promotion mechanism and project examination and approval of parallel parallel parallelism, and each session is handled.

With a "nanny" service of a dragon, let enterprises really become the beneficiary of internationalization without different business environments. The project is attracted is the best inspection site in the city business environment. 497 major projects signed registration, 8671 billion yuan investment amount, is a trust ticket investing by various enterprises to Chengdu business environment, and is also a result of more than Chengdu’s better "business environment". "Business Environment Edition" is based on the environment of the international advanced business environment, focusing on the intention of business culture – insisting on problem-oriented, and feels the enterprise citizens as an evaluation "first ruler". This ruler seems to be flexible, and the rigidity is true, which means that the service improves, and it is required to be extremely high.

Through cultural internalization, the internal life of the optimized business environment is longer, government service is faster, and the problem is more active. Enterprise investment "water flow" natural water to the stream.

Looking at the current environment, the investment motivation is weakened, and the fundamental improvement of the project introduction slows.

In Chengdu, the context of challenge is good, but it is necessary to take the initiative to grasp the "double cycle" development opportunities, still need to expand effective investment, take the initiative to target the direction of domestic demand, aim at the direction of scientific and technological innovation, actively integrate into the domestic circulation, Improve the industrial chain supply chain, occupy high-end and high-end industries, and cultivate new advantages in the future. Today’s investment will exchange tomorrow’s industries.

Let investment to sing the protagonist, the wind, continue to blow, can not stop.

(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).