Interview | Idol Kipjog, Dong Guojian Targets Top 8 of the Olympic Games
Dong Guojian, “One Brother” of China Marathon.The senior executives provided pictures for entering 2019. The 32-year-old Dong Guojian really realized the pressure brought by newcomers such as Dobje, Peng Jianhua, etc., and also gave him the motivation to play. The Chinese man’s marathon “One Brother” suddenly broke out in the second half of the year, Successively in the Berlin Marathon, Guangzhou Marathon ran out of the Chinese men ‘s marathon history, second, fourth best results, easily reached the Tokyo Olympics, including the Berlin Marathon ran 2 hours, 08 minutes and 28 seconds, which is only a short distance from Ren Longyun ‘s 2007 national record13 seconds.Last weekend, Dong Guojian accepted an interview with Sauna and Yewang. During the winter training, he has set his sights on the Olympic trials next March and the Tokyo Olympics.Unsurprisingly, Dong Guojian, the “older and more demon”, will participate in the Olympic Games for the third consecutive time. He looks forward to continuing to create the history of the Chinese men ‘s marathon.”2019 followed by a rise, and the second half of the Beijing News broke out: In early December, I just ran 2 hours and 9 minutes in the Guangzhou Marathon. This result can be ranked fourth in history. Did you think of it before the game?”Dong Guojian: Not at all.After finishing the Berlin Marathon at the end of September, I have been adjusting my status, because I am getting older, and I am definitely not as good as young athletes.After starting the winter training in November, Guangma was actually running as a training class, but did not expect to get a good result.Beijing News: Is it also related to the success of the Olympics? After the Berlin Marathon, the training and participation mentality are more relaxed, which is conducive to the results?Dong Guojian: Yes, because of such good results in Berlin, self-confidence has been greatly improved.Therefore, in other games, they can be treated with ordinary heart, and the state of training and competition is more stable.The Beijing News: Let ‘s talk about the Berlin Marathon. The Olympic Games meet the standard, and the final score is only 13 seconds away from the national record. Is this result expected?Dong Guojian: At that time, I did go to meet the standard. Although I was in good condition during training in Kenya, there were some small problems before the game. I was satisfied that I could meet the Olympic standards.The Tokyo Olympics reached the target line of 2 hours, 11 minutes and 30 seconds. During the game, Peng Jianhua and I have been following the “rabbit” (speed keeper) of the second group. Their level is between 2 hours 05 minutes and 06 minutes.The “rabbit” level of the third group is about 2 hours and 11 minutes. Considering our own situation, the backhaul may be slowed down. If you follow the third group, you may not be able to meet the standard, so you have been closely following the second group.After the half-way, I felt that the results were good on the day, basically no problem to achieve the standard, the second half is trying to impact good results.Beijing News: Actually, the state at the beginning of the season was not so good. The Xiamen Marathon and the Xuzhou Marathon successively lost to Li Zicheng and Dobje. Why did it suddenly break out in the second half of the year?Dong Guojian: Although my grades have been relatively stable in recent years, most of the external competition.There is also an idea in the subconscious mind that it is difficult for Chinese athletes to break through after old age. Like the Xuzhou Marathon, I just entered the competition with a relatively stable attitude. I did not expect Dobje to run so well.Although 2 hours, 12 minutes and 09 seconds was the second best result of my career at that time, I still feel very sorry.The appearance and improvement of young athletes is both stress and motivation for me.Next year’s Tokyo Olympics, Dong Guojian’s goal is to run into the top eight.This Indian contributed to Kenya ‘s external training, and the idol Kipjog Beijing News: This summer, he went to Kenya for external training, and then ran out of good results in Berlin. Where did he gain a lot?Dong Guojian: Because I have been training with Kipjog ‘s team, there are enough high-level athletes, and I have really learned and improved a lot.Beijing News: Is there much interaction with Kipchog himself? Has he taught some tips or tips to Chinese athletes or shared some experiences?Dong Guojian: The communication with him is relatively relative, but there is a lot of communication with his coach Patrick Sang. Our training content is all arranged by the coach and everyone trains together.The coach often communicates with us. After each training, the coach will summarize and evaluate everyone’s training, and also point out some problems and deficiencies.Beijing News: Some runners think that you and Kipjog are somewhat similar, and the older you are, the more demon you are.Chinese runners see you as an idol, do you have an idol?Dong Guojian: Of course it is Kipjog, and his performance in recent years has really inspired me a lot.Including Beckler, this year’s Berlin Marathon, I compete with him, Becker almost broke Kipjog’s world record.They still insisted at such a big age, and they touched me very much.Beijing News: You have many years of experience in participating in world competitions, and you have been training frequently for the past two years. Do you think that the Chinese men’s marathon will be among the best in the world in the future?Dong Guojian: There is still great hope.Now the young athletes in China are getting better and better, and the base of the marathon is gradually rising. With the increasing base, there will be more and more top athletes. I hope that young athletes will persevere and raise the overall level of the Chinese marathon.Focusing on the preparations for the competition, the Tokyo Olympics will enter the top eight Beijing News: How is the winter training plan arranged this year, will you go to Kenya for external training in a while?Dong Guojian: The specific schedule for foreign training in Africa is still waiting for notice. It is not completely determined. If it is time, it may participate in the Xiamen Marathon in early January next year, or it will be practiced in competitions.The focus of preparation is of course the Xuzhou Marathon in March next year, which is also the Olympic trials.Beijing News: Up to now, only you, Dobje, Peng Jianhua and three people can meet the Olympics. Are you confident about the trial competition?Dong Guojian: I am very confident.After reaching a certain height, the adjustment of the body and the control of the game have become confident.Beijing News: No surprise, next year is your third consecutive Olympic Games, the first two are 54th and 29th respectively.The best place for the Chinese men’s Olympics is the 25th place. What goal is set next year?Dong Guojian: This may be my last Olympics. I tried to hit the top eight and did n’t want to leave regrets.If possible, expect better results and rankings.The Beijing News: The overall level of the Japanese men ‘s marathon has always been higher than ours. This time they are the hosts again. Do they have confidence in the China-Japan matchup next year?Dong Guojian: As hosts, they have an advantage, but the pressure is also greater than ours.I hope to adjust the status, play the best level of competition, and challenge their achievements and rankings.I personally feel that there is no problem and I am confident that I can overwhelm them in the game.Beijing News: Due to concerns about high temperature, the Tokyo Olympic Committee has changed the venue from Sapporo from Tokyo. Will you worry about the weather then?Dong Guojian: I think it’s okay, the weather in many domestic competitions is not very good.Regardless of the weather or the course of the game, everyone is playing under the same conditions and is fair to everyone. Although the challenge is not small, I will try to seize the opportunity to promote the impact to a minimum.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin