“They are just afraid that I am in danger,What are you smirking at me!”
Even if Xiang Chen’s gaze is not aimed at Korean Xiang,But immersed in this gaze,As a woman,Han Yuxiang is still a little uncomfortable。
Gave Xiang Chen a fierce look,It’s just that the latter doesn’t seem to care about the little hint that Korean Xiang gave him.,It’s still his own way,After all, the most delicious food in the world is free。
Eyes warn of failure,Han Yuxiang finally gave up Xiang Chen,But when I turn my head and look to the other side,There is the scenery that makes Korean Xiang more angry。
I really don’t understand Korean,Why can even his old partner Yan Jun participate in the operation,I can’t participate,Colleagues who have hidden themselves everywhere at home are all found by Korean Xiang,But after finding,Korean Xiang is even more unhappy。
The opportunity to make contributions is here,But I can’t go into battle,This is really hateful。
“Xiang Chen!How do you know how to eat!”
Han Yuxiang has been at home for a week,But when I turned my eyes back to my dining table,But found out that Xiang Chen was still eating。An instant,The role of an old mother who is angry and does not grieve for his misfortune is again possessed by Han Yuxiang。
“Of course eat more。”
Xiang Chen finally got rid of the lobster in his hand,But when talking,Still a bit vague。
“I saw Officer Han gearing up,I knew this home away from home might have to be renovated,I will definitely fight in a while,Don’t eat more now,I have no strength to fight for a while!”
When Xiang Chen speaks righteously,Naturally, I would not tell the Xiao Jiujiu in my heart to Han Yuxiang。
Resist the urge to order another table,Xiang Chen looked at the leftovers in front of him,I don’t know when it will be next time!
“Officer Han,I’m stuffed,Let’s go!”
At first I heard Xiang Chen’s,Han Yuxiang still feels that he has not misunderstood the person,But seeing Xiang Chen wipe his mouth,Korean Xiang is instantly hot。
Walked to Xiang Chen’s side blankly,The latter was about to get up but was pushed back by Han Yuxiang。Sat down beside Xiang Chen,When Xiang Chen looked at Korean Xiang,The eyes are full of panic,If it’s not for hiding quickly,I’m afraid I’ll be killed by Korean Xiang。