Faced with the Singapore team, the National Youth team won 9 fewer goals than the South Korean team
Another safe 2 to 0.As in the previous round against the Myanmar team, the Chinese National Youth Team defeated Singapore with the same score in the second round of the Asian Youth Qualifier Group round that ended tonight.In the final round, the National Youth team will encounter the South Korean team, and another 11-0 victory over Singapore in the first round.Facing the gap of 9 goal difference goals, the National Youth team’s fragility in defeating the South Korean team can be imagined.In the first round of the group stage, the Chinese National Youth Team used the scores of Liu Junxian and Tao Qianglong to defeat the Myanmar team 2-0, but the process of the game was not easy.Throughout the first half, the National Youth team was fully suppressed by the opponents. The Myanmar team’s ball control rate reached 65%. The offensive scoring, dangerous offensive scoring, shots and other data are better.Facing the weaker Singapore team in this campaign, the National Youth team has let go of their hands and feet, creating some chances to break the goal, but at the same time constantly squandering, goal posts, singles, empty goals, passing by again and again.”Young players are still anxious.In the opinion of coach Cheng Yaodong, the players have not stabilized their mentality and always want to eat their opponents.Cheng Yaodong will lead the team to fight against the Korean team.Photo / Osports In this campaign, Tao Qianglong scored two goals, and currently he has arranged 3 of the team ‘s 4 goals.In this national youth team, Tao Qianglong was one of the few players who participated in the last Asian Youth Championship. He was also selected for the national Olympic team in the battle.Cheng Yaodong said that there are not many players like Tao Qianglong who have played stressful games, which is one of the reasons for the poor performance.Cheng Yaodong concluded that the player’s spirit is commendable, but the execution on the court is not enough. “I’m afraid it is difficult to make a substantial breakthrough in a short time.If there is a preparation period of 3 years instead of 3 months, the situation may be completely different.”This national youth team has been preparing for this qualifier from the end of July this year. During the two weeks of training in the UK, the team won only 1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses during the warm-up with 8 local teams.The record is bleak.In the two games, four goal difference goals were achieved. The National Youth team had a huge gap with the South Korea team in the goal difference. If they want to get the first team, they can only beat the South Korea team in the final round.The South Korean team’s coach, the Air Force, has made it clear that it will be difficult to win the National Youth Team when sending all the main players against the Chinese team.”Now the officials are very clear that no matter what happens in the last game, the South Korean team must be killed.”Cheng Yaodong is suspected of a decisive battle in this contest.